Verses Undone: From Life To Death

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My bones tremble
My heart beats faster
I cannot breathe
I feel my temperature rise

A crime of fate
The breath of life
Like hands around my neck
There's nothing I can do

Collapse to the floor
Everything you thought you knew
Life is slipping away
You are no more

My heart falls to pieces
I'm out of breath
My eyes fill with water
The struggle is over

Dust to dust
Ashes to ashes
From life to death
I will not forget
This poem is part of my free mini poetry book called "Verses Undone." Click here to view the rest of the poems in this collection. If you like this small collection of poems please consider supporting my writing by purchasing my paid poetry book which contains nearly a hundred original poems that have not been previously published. Please visit my website for more information.
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An interesting read... 
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Thx my friend, I really appreciate your support and kind words :)
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