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Fan Art - Western Animation Comics
La's Super Transformation by BatmanWithBunnyEars
Hawkwoman by Protokitty
Zatanna - Mistress of Magic by portfan
Fan Art - Games RPG
Fanart: A Wild Lugia Appears by JacquelineChroma
OST Challenge: Video Game References by troisnyxetienne
Mirror Kirby v Kracko Junior by troisnyxetienne
Sweet Cicero by Esuerc
Fan Art Live Action TV Movies
The Music of the Night - Sketch by FarrahPhoenix
Arya Stark by jeni-art
In Memory of Tekeny Ghemor by NerysGhemor
#01 LOKI by Sheridan-J
Fan Art - People
Angelina Jolie by Acaroline05

Mature Content

Jared Leto 30STM by im-sorry-thx-all-bye
Bret Hitman Hart by MLBOA
Hissatsu by Kazmon
Fan Art - Books WrittenMedia
Mondkind by FarrahPhoenix
- Wisperwind - by FarrahPhoenix
Two Souls in one Girl by FarrahPhoenix
Fan Fiction

Mature Content

Resources, Lulz
The Dark Knight by AxiaTerraArtUnion
PRKL by Yushiko
Anti-Shipping stamp by shawnguku
Tired of... Stamp by Drake1
Stamp - Stop the Twilight War by Fullmetal-Phantom
Mpreg is Disgusting by alaska-is-a-husky

Home of Sane Fan Art

This group is for sharing fan art and fan fiction that is not infested with batshit. (That's right, this group is FOR something, not AGAINST... O.o)

Fan artists who do not focus on Mary Sues, shipping obsession and drama are a rare breed. They rarely get attention in fandom specific groups because they are full of batshit insane fangirls that only cheer for 'smecksi' crap, yaoi or their own/their bff's OC.

This group is for fans who love their fandoms for what they are, not what a perverted teenage mind wishes they would be.

Submission Rules & Guidelines

Detailed version:…

What can I submit to this group? What not?

~ You must be the creator of the deviation; any medium is acceptable. (No screenshots, googled pics,...)

~ This group does NOT accept fan art or fan fiction focussed on romance/shipping/pairings. It is acceptable if your work includes a couple, but it can not be the focus.

~ This group does NOT accept batshit insane fetish fan art. Examples would be yaoi/yuri, anthro and genderbender versions of canon characters, BDSM, vore, guro and such.
Homosexual characters are acceptable if they are homosexual in canon.
Example: Willow & Tara from Buffy are really a lesbian couple and will be accepted. Harry Potter & Draco Malfoy are not really a gay couple and will not be accepted.
Quick reminder: Work focussed on love/romance isn't welcome anyway, regardless of the couple's orientation/gender.

~ Original/Fan Characters are allowed, naturally, unless they are Mary Sues or Gary Stues. It is quite normal that canon characters meet a new person, but it is really really rare they meet TEH MOST BEUTIFUL GURL IN DA WORLD who has MOAR SUPAPOWARS than all canon characters combined and saves the world/galaxy/everything.
In doubt, TVTropes:…
Please also make sure it's clear to what fandom the OC belongs.

~ The main focus of this group is 'western' fandoms, meaning no typical anime/manga. Fan art about non-western live action, novels or games is welcome.




We Are Hugh by KaizokuShojo We Are Hugh :iconkaizokushojo:KaizokuShojo 54 27 Criss by VinRoc Criss :iconvinroc:VinRoc 386 236 Sarah Palin Female Force cover by VinRoc Sarah Palin Female Force cover :iconvinroc:VinRoc 107 90 The Walking Dead by josecocodrilo The Walking Dead :iconjosecocodrilo:josecocodrilo 3,189 324 Maester Lomys by ctmoney Maester Lomys :iconctmoney:ctmoney 10 0 Sabretooth contra Psylocke by RLeonArte Sabretooth contra Psylocke :iconrleonarte:RLeonArte 142 17 Psylocke by RLeonArte Psylocke :iconrleonarte:RLeonArte 64 7 El Viejo Capitan by RLeonArte El Viejo Capitan :iconrleonarte:RLeonArte 46 22 Indiana Jones:the legend by TrevorGrove Indiana Jones:the legend :icontrevorgrove:TrevorGrove 593 94 Star Trek-Piece of the Action by TrevorGrove Star Trek-Piece of the Action :icontrevorgrove:TrevorGrove 2,303 374 Steampunk Atlantis by Leyna-art Steampunk Atlantis :iconleyna-art:Leyna-art 640 254 The Mentalist by Vilenchik The Mentalist :iconvilenchik:Vilenchik 155 73 Kull de Conqueror by Vilenchik Kull de Conqueror :iconvilenchik:Vilenchik 47 10 Sean Nault, 'Paradox' by Vilenchik Sean Nault, 'Paradox' :iconvilenchik:Vilenchik 9 10 Portrait of Hero by Vilenchik Portrait of Hero :iconvilenchik:Vilenchik 63 54 Ashur by Ryeker Ashur :iconryeker:Ryeker 30 30

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Fan Art needs no batshit to be fun.
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Just a quick reminder - to keep the galleries interesting, please do not submit the same character/person over and over again. Of course some characters/people/fandoms are very popular, but it gets a bit boring to see a flood of them that buries everything else.

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