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damagedDEATHskulls PS7 Brushes

By KeepWaiting
As the image says, It's 65 images I made from a couple of my brushes and that infamous wingding skull.

This is a huge improvement from my older skull brushes. This one has way, way more brushes plus other things. Which is why I'm not just updating my other ones since, Plus some may like the otheres better for some insane reason...Whatever?

- Non Commercial Use (Contact me if you need to buy them)
- May not make other brushes or resources out of these.

Appreciated/Not Required
- To favor them so others may download them.
- Link back to this page or [link] or
- Showed me what you made via link in a comment or message.

ALSO I do not like the preview but I am not up to making a new one... If you make something and think it could possibly be used as the preview image, I could link you in the description as thanks. :)


Happy Downloading Yo

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Great Work, Thank you!! Love it!

eclecticprismstudios's avatar
This are sweet!
Great Job!
colonoscarpeay's avatar
Love it!
Snagged with credit.
Thanks for sharing!
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I loveee your brush set you have here. :D
I will be using this, but I have no idea if I will be uploading it.
If I do, I'll be sure to credit you~~
(Thank god they work in pse too xD)
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img pack doesn't seem to be included in the .zip =\
KeepWaiting's avatar
I think it's just one image.
KeepWaiting's avatar
Oh you're right.. :(
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I used these here [link]
Thanks!! :rose:
rotten-black-apple's avatar
Hello, I used your brushes here [link]
Thanks :rose:
wiredsavvy's avatar
these kick ass!
AeWolf's avatar
I used the brush for this: [link]
Thanks for sharing! :)
mrkite12's avatar
Tight. I like it.
nufan2039's avatar
I really like these great brushes:

Tec-Wiz-Ane's avatar
Used your super cool brushes here:

babygrrl08's avatar
Thanks for such cool brushes!

Used here:



ExistingViolation's avatar
I used this brush pack before in designing my blog header, and I adore it.
KeepWaiting's avatar
Yes I've seen it, thank you for the plug :)
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