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Skin Textures - PS Brush Guide

This is a small guide for my collection of skin texture brushes to explain each and every brush and give you some hints on using them.

I apologize for the crappy grammar and spelling, I'll fix it tomorrow I haven't been to bed yet.

I urge you to experiment and play around with them, I've seen some amazing results!

Click here to download these brush packs!

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Thank you very much! This is greatly appreciated~

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Awesome inforgraphic 
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I've been using your brushes for a while, but haven't gotten to see this, been learning to use them on trial and error, but some guidance is always welcome. Thank you very much for sharing it, really helpful.
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Thanks! Very helpful!
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very helpful in learning digital art...thanks...
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thank you... very helpful :heart:
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Thanks for the tutorial! :)
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thank you used your stock [link]
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really helpful thnks
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muito bom!! isso era tudo que eu precisava.
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You. You are forever my hero. <3 I've been pulling my hair out, trying to figure out how ot make my skin look less cartoony.
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Thank you very much
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I downloaded this,but I don't know where to find them..
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Hey, can I download the brush packs for Photoshop Elements?

I mean will it work XD

Haha, srry, I'm a noob, lol ^^;
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awesome.. now i need another wekend to test this out :)
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tried it yesterday, and it is GREAT for digital painting
it gives a sweet little details and depth to it :D
Thank you for such a nice pack of brush!
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Awesome resources, Thanks! :D
where is the download link it is not working?
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