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Retro Cassette Brushes

A set of retro brushes, a music note, antenna pad, bar, retro stars ect. Linkware of course. Enjoy.
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Carlos Santana.... My God My Master My Educator My Savior My Liberator... My Inspiracion✿ڿڰۣ。^^;

:( Good grief. Art is hard. And time consuming to beat hell. I do love it tho! I'm just artistically challenged to put it mildly.

Carlos Santana
Nice work, thanks for sharing :)
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gonna use this for my project..tanx a lot
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These are perfect for my dorm's retro-themed party poster. Thanks!
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Love these brushes. I used them here: [link]
Im using btw for an article I wrote!
Thank you so awesome!
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gonna use these for an album cover
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Good work! Presented here [link]
where can I download them? :(
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muy buenos!!
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Thank You Very Much Needed These For A Photo Montage.:boogie:
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Used here(two versions): [link]
Thanks again! :D
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Used here: [link]
Thank you :D
how can i make this a zip file?
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It doesn't need to be a zip, abr is the raw format of a Photoshop brush. No unzipping or unpacking necessary.
but somehow everything saves as a Adobe reader 7.0 && ihave to unzip everything
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