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Katy Perry Font - Katy Berry

By KeepWaiting
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Includes Caps, Lowercase, Numbers and some punctuation.
For best results use kerning, transform it so it bends like in an arch shape like the original logo. Use the period and asterisk for stars and hearts.

This font was actually difficult to make, The logo is pretty easy to replicate and all but it was the fact that it wasn't "fonty" looking made it really difficult to make it accurate. The letters really connected to eachother and bend and were long to wrap the word together so I had to change them so they would work with other words rather then just her name.

Feedback appreciated, Let me know if there are any bugs/Spacing issues and I will try to update it ASAP.

Note: Original logo is not affiliated with font/Was not used as a guide for this font (Used Logo as Reference). All rights to this font are copyright to

I know it may look sloppy at first but that was because I was trying to keep it relevant with the original logo: [link] (You will see it's not clean and evenly sided especially with the y's and the e).


Fav & Comments Plz, Thx!
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lazy fat ass dog xDDDD
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how do i get it
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This is perfectly what I was looking for!
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Thanks!! I Love It
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i love it, thanks :D
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Great font did you know that you can add the TTF file using the Submit Art Category (Digital Art > Typography > Font Design) However you can't add extra files only a picture or logo
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How I can make fonts?
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I like how your like the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy fat ass dog
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thx thx thx ^^
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How do I use this? D:
I need helpp~!
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thank u millionss. :D
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awesome font mate!
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thats so pro!

thnkz nWn
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Thanks, I love it! I've used it on this [link] wallpaper that I made if that's ok? You have been given full credit :)
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OMG I'm so happy you made this :D Thanks so much :hug:
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lol the lazy fat ass dog ;) pretty cool, i hope i can use this somehow :D
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