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33 Paint Stroke Brushes PS7+

Paint struck brushes, I also included 2 of the base brushes so you can make whatever lines you want. I included some higher resolution strokes as well.

These were made in Photoshop 7 so they will work with anything above 7 (including Elements).

Do not redistribute without permission or modify preview image.

If you want to use these brushes on prints, business advertising/logos, or commercial products please contact me.

Remember to comment here if you used the brushes so I can collect!

© 2010

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© 2010 - 2021 KeepWaiting
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again, these are not brushes, they are stamps ... why are people calling them brushes ?

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Wow, they're really cool! :)
Sadly, I can't download them.
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thanks so much~~they are so useful and good quality~~
Used this here: [link] (Sorry, but it's too explicit for DA!)
Thank you!
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Used your brush here! [link]
MrDeadlock's avatar
Do they work in Photoshop CS5?

It sounds a stupid question but I have no idea.
Beware-Of-Optimist's avatar
Do you know if these are compatible with GIMP?
MissStacy24's avatar
GIMP is compatible with Photoshop so the brush should work.
Beware-Of-Optimist's avatar
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Used here: [link]
Thank you! :)
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Thanks for the awesome brushes :) I'll be using these once I get the chance.
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Can't wait to install these! And thanks for making them in AP7. We don't have the money to upgrade right now, so I can't really find good brushes like these.
So thanks! :D
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That's for sharing man!!
thanks for this brushes
Bullet4MyGloomyBear's avatar
these wont happen to work with gimp, or .. . will they? .o.
D3nsetsu's avatar
Many thanks, I'll be sure to Comment here when I make a wallpaper with these brushes :)
CamaroGirl666's avatar
These are amazing! Thank you :hug::rose:
ReneeTr's avatar
Soooo usefull!
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