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Our points account is Toontown-Points. Feel free to give points there if you'd like to help the group reach super group or help in future contests!

Please contact the founder or a co-founder if you're having an issue(with submissions and stuff)! But please note that we are not Toontown Rewritten Technical Support so if you have a concern regarding your gameplay issues, its best to direct your complaints at them and not us. We can, however, try to advise you as best as we can if you have a general issue such as if you're struggling to complete a task or stuff.









Welcome to Keep Toontown Open - a group originally started from a petition which strived to keep a game called Disney's Toontown Online open. There was a petition made, and this group was created as a form of update for the petition. Unfortunately, the petition had failed despite having 21,000+ signatures but we got something just as good; a private server called Toontown Rewritten which added on even more new content to the game we all know and love! We accept all kinds of Toontown-related artwork, as long as it's okay from our rules.


      1. Keep it kid friendly. If you wouldn't show it to a kid, it probably shouldn't be here unless it has a mature content filter on it or something along the likes of that.

      2. Please do not submit to featured too often otherwise your work will be declined. We only accept your best work to featured so we may be a little strict on what we accept or not.
      3. Please do not flame/be rude in the comment section on the group. You will be blocked immediately.

      4. There is no limit on the amount of artworks you can submit. Feel free to submit any amount of artwork.

      5. If you have any concerns, contact an administrator!
      Hey toons! rabbitoes here! After some deliberation, winners for the KeepToontownOpen holiday drawing contest have been chosen!
      Thank you to everyone who entered. All of the submissions were fantastic and it was hard to choose winners!

      FREE Snow Flake Divider by LeviaDraconia FREE Snow Flake Divider by LeviaDraconia FREE Snow Flake Divider by LeviaDraconia
      Without further ado...

      Third Place

      You won 35 :points: and a bust drawing from Lemonburgers!

      Second Place

      Winter In Toontown by Lemonburgers
      You won 75 :points: and a drawing from me, rabbitoes!

      First Place

      Happy Holidays (Contest Entry) by p0cketpainter
      You won 150 :points:, a bust drawing from MiddyC, and a drawing from me, rabbitoes!

      FREE Snow Flake Divider by LeviaDraconia FREE Snow Flake Divider by LeviaDraconia FREE Snow Flake Divider by LeviaDraconia

      The other wonderful entries!…
      :thumb650773842: possible contest entry maybe?? by p4ntsu ToonTown Winter by Sarahdog2009

      I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and happy new year!
      More Journal Entries


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      strato-catster Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2018
      are toontown-related adopts accepted? if they are which folder would i submit them to :0
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      8TeamFriends8 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2018
      Hello, anybody still here? I gave the 121 points on this ToonTownPoints dA during Valentine's day. 
      8TeamFriends8 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2018
      Here is something from me to you, as my true appreciation:
      8TeamFriends8 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2018
      Hello, anybody still here? Does anyone know where I could put my ValenToon's art challenge? :confused: I am unsure where to put it. :shrug: I'm sorry. 
      8TeamFriends8 Featured By Owner May 15, 2017
      Hello? I need some help on how to get a screenshot on the ToonTown Rewritten game? I'm sorry if I ask this kind of question, when I started the game; I noticed the shift book show me a page on the screenshot parts of the scene of the game, but there's nothing around. :confused: You see, I have the blue laptop for 9 months now, and I don't honestly know a thing how to screenshot. So, I might need some help from an expert.

      Does anyone know? :?
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      XxMidnightEclipse Featured By Owner Edited Jan 30, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
      After years of sticking with this group, giving it a leave. I helped write the original petition we sent to Disney and Friends back forever ago :b. Crazy to think it has already been over 3 years. Most of the staff look different, 'cept Lightning Pirate. For anyone curious, this was the first journal we created for the petition (until this group was made) : (When I say *we*, I refer to the original owner of this group)


      For any lingering clan community folk, hit me up! c:

      FYI: Update the group information (upper left corner, "Group Info"). Still talks about beta keys. Felt like a God holding 2 alpha keys back in the day. ahh. thanks joey. 
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      rabbitoes Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
      The group's Christmas/holiday/winter contest is now active! Check it out above or at this link: Toontown Holiday Drawing Contest [OPEN]
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