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Ominous Smiles [Doodle]

I was practicing some new styles while doodling Ponka and ended up making a Cloud Walker edit.

With a face that adorable, I could care less what happens next...

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its like shes on me
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I'm really liking this plane/pony design! Didn't think I would!
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It's so... simple compared to the other things in your gallery..
like.. plain background, few colors...

but why is it.. so.. like.. I don't usually comment, ever. Why does it make me feel like commenting?
it shouldn' t o-o
AAHHHG WHY!!! >-< 

I loved it so much for some reason I can't point at all! it's so strange!
I'm seriously staring at it and with a "what" face for a while now.
x3 you're to blame.

:XD: in all seriousness now, it looks great~
Got attached to it for some reason I can't explain~  ^-^ that's good.
It's now my Skype picture >3>
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Yay, plones are the tits.
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I hope hugs happen next.
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Silly, niggers runs faster than people
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You're not outrunning that.
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Black people may be fast runners, but NOPONY can outrun a 19,000HP Turbine engine with a jet exhaust displacement of 1,890! That's what they mount of business jets like the Bombardier L770 (which Cloud Walker is modded after) 
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Technically, she's mixed with an SR-71 Blackbird...
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