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Drawing some more Cloudwalker and Val interacting in a mature fashion.

The purpose of this drawing was partially to practice different shading techniques.
That and I just enjoy drawing this duo.


Funny enough, Val's face is not made after the S5 opening episode smiles as I haven't even seen S4 yet. It wasn't actually until I was about to post this did someone point that out.
It is instead reference to Dr. Seuss's Fox In Socks.
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There seems to be a lot of grime around the rear hatch. Are you cleaning properly? Also we will need to take a look at the main baring on engine #2.
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She should be thankful she's not got the maintenance log of a Boeing V-22 Osprey...
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And that colts and fillies is why the SR-71 known as Cloudwalker was removed from active duty.
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Mechanic Ponies? AWESOME
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Watch new pone, it's so gooood.
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More plonies! Yay!
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Plonies.... I like it, ANOTHER!
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Is that a Rarity jet?!?!? Love 
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Nope, no Rarara jets here.
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There needs to be a rarijet now! ;)
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Cloudwalker's gonna be in the maintenance hangar for a loooonnnnng time :D
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And then there was some lecture on some bullshit like so many hours of maintenance per hour of flight and something something.
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Dawww so cute! At least he didn't fail the report.
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