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Now I can say that my Thief-related, music fan project is completed. Thank you guys for your support and your honest appreciation! :D I wanted to write something more about it because you might be interested deeply in it. I'll also tell you how I see the future of this project. Nod 

The idea of making this kind of compilations was really old and it was kind of my personal dreams. It's not a big dream THAT much, but you know, I'm a Thief freak, like some of you too, so you probably know what I'm talking about ;) It was also one of my "old, unfinished things", and I even created the checklist from them. Each of these things would eventually bring a value to my life, and each of them was started and later postponed at some moment - because of either studies or full-time job. I decided to finally finish every thing from this checklist in the nearest future, in my free time - and at the same time not to add and start any new big things. For example: I won't begin to read any new book if I didn't finish reading the previous ones. Thanks to this, my "past" is going to be completely cleared from this kind of baggage in my mind, improving my life at various parts as a result.

Many of these tasks is finished now, and now I can check another one: the Thief-like Music Compilation project. Love 

It required some effort from me, but I don't want to say it was a hard work, or something like that. The key is that I was gathering all this music since a very long time. It wasn't any active searches through the world - rather a passive observing it, making single steps and adding some new things when I simply saw (heard) them, piece by piece. But - on the other hand - it required a time and some energy from me when it came to finally edit the videos and submiting them on YT. So yes, the will and the consistence was needed here from me, but mainly the work was diversed in time - making this project a very nice hobby, giving a satisfaction at the end and during it too. :) 

So, what know? Is this the end of the Thief-related music videos?

I don't think so. ;) For example: even now, I already have a music material for creating another "Thievery, Briefings, etc." video. I have songs for the other Parts too, so I guess it would be nice to continue the whole project. But: do you remember my earlier checklist? My priority now is to finish the rest things from it. And the new volumes of the Compilation I would mark as "the new ones" - so I'm not going to create them in the nearest future. I hope you see what I have on mind. :)

And I think it's good, because I still need to wait for new songs propositions, from both the people and my own researches - especially Hammerites- and Keepers-related. So, let the time fill this lack. Nod

Once more: thank you guys for your help, your kind and honest words and for reading this long summary to this moment. Clap Let me now share all the compilations with you once more. Also, check out the rest of my YT channel for more Thief-related videos - if you didn't alredy do it! :D

Let the Balance be with You!
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Okay, I finally had a chance to listen to all four compilations. It was obvious from the start that this was a great passion project; so much time and effort was devoted to choosing the best tracks to represent each collection. I think my favorites have to be the Pagans and the Thief/City briefings. The holidays have been especially rough for me this year, as my family and I have been fighting a lot. These tracks really helped me relax and enjoy myself when necessary, and they even helped me get some writing and art finished! So thank you for that alone. The hard work and love poured into this undertaking have not gone unappreciated. Thanks for everything! 

PS: I apologize for not being able to provide any tracks, even when I said I would look. I did, in fact, end up searching. But the problem was, as always, work and stress-related complications which prevented me from getting online or doing anything on the computer, really. But I thought these tracks from the LoZ series might have fit well with the Pagans:……

I know the project is finished, but I wanted to share them nonetheless. I hope you are having a lovely Christmas, and may 2019 be an exceptional year for you. Fox emoji - Christmas! 
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Thank you very much, Pixi - especially for your effort in just finding a time for it! And I'm very happy that it even helped you in many ways! :D

You know, the first volumes of this project is finished indeed, but there will be probably next ones in the future :) These 2 songs sounds good, but to me they have more a middle-south American sound rather than Celtic/Nordic (this is my humble personal way of thinking about the Thief's Pagans atmosphere). But I absolutely wouldn't want to discourage you in looking for any Thief-like themes! :hug: I wish you an amazing Christmas and an outstanding year 2019, Pixi! Clap 
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You're quite welcome. :)

Oh, don't worry about it. One needs to be selective when creating or collaborating. If you went ahead and accepted every song sent to you, then the end project wouldn't be as marvelous. Only the best can make the cut, and I totally understand and support that logic. I will continue to look around for more tracks whenever I have the time.
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Anything worth doing isn't easy. Thief challenges us to bring our best creative energies into the fan works we make, and that's why things get gets in the way. But it doesn't STOP us, we get it down when we're able to do it RIGHT, and that's the key.
You worked real hard on this project. They sound great, they look great, the format and presentation look real good. Taken as a whole, these playlists are a thoughtful articulated statement. These are really great Fan Werks! :)
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Thanks so much. Extremely good to have such a feedback! :D
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I am so glad your compilation is now complete :D Feel very honored you've include some of my suggestions which are and have been very valuable since those songs are just a little bit part of my own secret world, makes me so glad some else have appreciated them as I do and also to be shared with other Thief fans.

At the same time, it has been a delight to listen your compilation because you've opened for me a lot of wonderful new music and great artists that otherwise I wouldn't have the chance to discover on my own.
YES! I totally agree with you that making a compilation takes years. The funny thing is that without making an active search, many of the songs just came randomly to you, or one artist takes you to another but it does require you listen very carefully, with patience and enjoyment. Even my super-mini small compilation took me years to put it together and a lot of heartaches as well Meow :3

All your choices have been great, thank you so much for this wonderful project. I can assure you this is a long journey, discovering and re-discovering music will lead us to further Thief compilations but the most important, will lead us to so much more beauty. Huggle! 
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You're welcome, Mariana! :D

At the beginning, I didn't even expected that somebody will hear a song from a Compilation and will interest to the whole artist as a result. It wasn't my task, but of course I'm glad that it happened too :D

Yeah, this is funny! Nobody said that finding any of this song had to happen - many of them was discovered by a coincidence. But on the other hand, I guess it required some kind of an open mind too. I suspect that not every Thief fan listen to some song and asks himself "Hmm, would that fit to the Thief world?". And I like music very much, interested not in a single genre, so this is the result. :)
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