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lesbian muslim

Not much , but I wanted to express how lesbian Muslims feel , because we live such a double life
Forced to hide our true identity .

p.s. this is art which means a way of expressing a feeling AND NOT MAKING A STATEMENT ABOUT RELIGION
so please , no religion questions ( you have Google search for that )
no insults
no doubting my beliefs
simply critique the the picture in the form of art whether you think its good or bad i don't care , any thing else i will not answer and you will be wasting your precious time ,simply because you are trying to provide me with your religious wisdom through deviatart!!! i mean seriously save them for the mosque or islamway , that certainly not the place for them . so if your majesty disapprove the image just click the little X on the top right of screen :)
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lesmus bianlim

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my lady knight has to hide herself. and any and all tips for how to do that will be loved
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Moving and striking. It immediately got my attention. I like the stray hairs/cracks on the grey side. This is a very evocative image.

My sympathies go out to any lesbian muslims who are afraid to be themselves in public.
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I never really thought of the lesbian muslim, pretty ignorant from myself :/ I feel really sorry for them, also for the gay muslim, thats the only thing i can say about it. I hope they are not alone and have to lie about themselves :/
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I understand because I am one. That’s all I’m going to say
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Seems like a Stockholm syndrome kind of thing. The condition of women is, to say the least, questionable in Islam, and it must be even worse for gay women.

You could drop the one you feel less comfortable with (oh, but isn't dropping out of Islam some sort of a crime as well - apostasy is forbidden). Guess you're trapped.
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You can only choose one. 
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Cool design but his words coming in content  -  تصميم رائع لكن محتوى كلماته ساقطة
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Know something about Islam, and then think about it as you replace those imposed by God is that the physical relations are not only in the sense among heterosexual men and women, so what God has imposed on His servants. To think away from Islam and learn from nature and is something that most creatures demonstrate that abnormal relations are unfounded and that it must be treated disease. Sorry I do not mastered English
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no offence but islam or the muslim relgoiun is there own practice you shouldnt go spreading hate bc your lesbo. be one or the other .
 btw all the books didnt accpet lesbo or gay before the media blown it up about there rights so you prablay show a pic of there relgoin too

Allah made me lesbo and Muslim. What then?

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I'm a muslim + lesbian
h e h
don't care anymore.
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Lesbians are hot
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lesbians are extremely minor in general
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you can hide your  true identity from all the world but you can't hide it from god ok 

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bi muslim and proud ^^
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im not muslim but i really think this is beautiful
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