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Art for inspiration. Thank you, authors for these wonderful works =^-^= Promise, I'll keep them not only in the heart but here too...



Everything is 'Filly' now. Fillys everywhere. We're all fillys. I'm the filly. 
Still have no mirror so can't do my magic. Maybe it's for the not ordinary fillys?

It's not April the first anymore, but this note is so good I want to keep it here.
Oh, and I write 'fillys' as 'filly' in plural because the creator of the comic for 'Filly' wrote it just like that. =>
I'll go guess why it's like that:
=it's easier to remember (for kids);
=it sounds like an unusual word (and it's a very good thing).
'Fillies' sounds like it's an ordinary word and because of that I don't want to use that version. Fillys themselves are not the ordinary horses, for example. So it's better to find a fitting word for them, too.

So, the fans of 'Filly' and a poor and somewhat unlucky (or, on the other hand it's pretty lucky) tv-show 'Filly Funtasia' probably don't have one established name of the community. It can be a simple 'Filly fans' and it's probably used in every fandom on some level, and it can be something unique. Something only this community has. Since the start of promos for 'Funtasia' there were the names, of course. Since the videos are nowhere to be seen on the official pages of those who used to support this project on a very big level, the comments are also gone. But someone somewhere made a nickname 'Funtasians' and man, it suits very well. The others are 'brilly' and 'brolly', and they are created just like the famous 'brony' which has 'bro' of 'brother' and 'filly'. While the first one (brilly) sounds somewhat magical and amazing, it's still a copy of the 'brony' thing and it isn't something unique that exists only in the community of fans of 'Filly' so... I think it's a not very good idea. Because 'Filly' itself is not a copy of 'My Little Pony' either. 'Funtasians' on the other hand has another problem: this name suits for fans of 'Filly Funtasia' and this tv-show wasn't the first thing of 'Filly' albeit the main site for and by fans of 'Filly' has a name with 'Funtasia' in it and this site also gives news on ... basically, everything Filly, so even this name fits pretty well. The other word was 'Fillystinians' (if I understand how to write this word correctly), adnd the others I don't know yet. The last one sounds like the fans of 'Filly' live in a Filly world and although it's a very good idea behind the name, the word itself just sounds not so good. 
The name I've come up with is: Elfillyans (basically just an 'elf' + 'filly' and plus a suffix. There are two reasons for this: elves are the creatures Filly sometimes are (at least that is the serie 'Filly Elves') and second, 'elf' plus 'filly' creates a very complex word and I have been taught to create complex words as if I'm creating a name for a Pokemon. And yes, those are the complex words that were made out of two words in a row), and there are the others but I don't like them at all. 

Something else:
3D has problems because unlike 2D it isn't developed to it's biggest possibilities yet. But there are some neat examples of  amazing 3D cartoons. 
But 2D is not always better. Especially when it's limited. Especially when the characters have no shadows and highlights on them, and if the backgrounds have this tiny flaw too.
Some old fans tend to praise the 2D of 'Smeshariki' (aka 'Gogoriki' and 'Kikoriki'... nevermind, because these un-translated titles never give an idea of the original one, what a pity) yet it has a very simplified style. No shadows, no highlights, etc. Just like with 'My Little Pony: Friendship is magic'! These are  both the amazing cartoons (tv-series?) I enjoy and adore but they definitely have problems and flaws. And a simplified style is one of them. Doesn't matter where the cartoon was drawn, on a paper, or with the help of software on pc. If the style is that simplified, it's a flaw (to me). So, 'Smeshariki' went from 2D to 3D at the time. To the 'cheap 3D which is affordable' as fans say, but we tend to forget... at the time 'Smeshariki' was born, this cartoon _already_ was simplified and etc. But when the 3D version came out what it brought to us? Added details, for example look at every character's eye, it's more complex and beautiful now. Or, the moose now has brown hooves (the little detail that makes me happy), etc. The backgrounds are not as good but the only thing that matters to me is: the story itself and the designs of the characters. And the story is as good as it was in 2006 (at least, to me). But every poll on fansites dedicated to Smeshariki I see, with a question 'Would you like for 2D Smeshariki to return' has more 'yes' than 'no'. It means that the fans can't, just can't, get past this 3D hate or how you would name this, and can't learn what the story is and how it's good or a bad story, as well. That's bad, actually... Nothing is flawless. And 2D along with 3D are both flawed, 2D is just developed more. And if no cartoon will be made in 3D, 3D will never be developed enough. That's sad. That's what important. 
3D and cartoons in any format that were made in a software actually do have a soul, as they were made by someone. 3D called 'souless' I guess that's because it scares us sometimes. But it just needs to be properly developed, that's all., I thought that G4 of 'MLP' gone awry. 
Of course, it's not the same 'FiM' it once was. Simply because the characters added, some people who worked on the show left and some arrived, and stuff. But it's pretty clear to me that 'FiM' never was a mistake. Yes, it has flaws. But every cartoon is flawed. But despite these flaws, I love G4 nonetheless although always wished for it to become more of what I wanted since I learnt about it's flaws but... I'm glad I can say 'it's still this cartoon I love'. It's still 'MLP'. It's still 'FiM'. And with that... it's heartwarming. 
These first episodes of ninth season were the one other things that made it's hard to accept G4. But it's a good thing it stays and will always stay my 'MLP' among the other gens of it. It was pretty close to be something I won't want to accept as my fav cartoon but it managed to stay as one and I don't know how, it's a miracle out of everything else. 
Loved these two first episodes. It's a very good start.
Won't spoil a thing => 
...anyway, although I love 'MLP' and it's fourth gen, I think it will be better to focus more on 'Filly' and it's tv-series 'Filly Funtasia'. Because 'Filly' needs more fans and because it's also special to me. Priorities are here... and if one cartoon is less popular than the other, I think it's a very good idea to give some love to the less popular cartoon. And since popularity doesn't define anything, every book has more to it than just a cover or a negative review...

The only thing that means a world for me in G4 alongside with it's stories is...
the style. The stock vectors that always appeared on the book's covers and in the magazines. They are so pretty it's hard to explain. So simplified compaired to the other gen's styles but sooo beautiful! They remind me of the drawings Lauren Faust drew for 'MyLittlePony: FiM'. Man, some of them are even sketched by her. 

...some 'My Little Pony' fans love 'Filly' with all of their hearts and of course it's possible and absoluttely normal to love not just one cartoon. 
For example, it's how Digimon and Pokemon fans love Bakugan or Jewelpets. Or 'DisneyFairies' fans find Winx a good story (especially, the Pixies there are) and so on. There can be various reasons why anyone is a fan of something either. Because every cartoon or a book story has various things in it, even a simple story has. And so, that's why there are so much reasons to find 'Pokemon' or 'Sonic' amazing, or not, it depends on our tastes.

'Pokemon movie 22'
Please, include Amber (Ai) into the movie. She is a very important character and her story explains why Mewtwo  was so upset!..

-'Filly' is not a bootleg of 'My Little Pony'. There's need to make a stamp for that. And to explain the rumour about these 'Sweet Ponys' that earn 'Filly' a fame of being called 'a bootleg'... 
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And a huge thanks for the llamas! I won`t give it back, because i`m too lazy, but still thank you.
I do art without visible watermarks. =>

I`m her namesake (Paddy) - Mew Pudding Stamp by lovenotwarcraft

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Also, Pear Butter and Bright Macontosh
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Warning - collector of the Kinder Eggs | Stamp by PuniPlush , figurines from them, and also, figurines from the yougurt, and magnets, and postcards some of them i find beautiful.

Pichu Stamp'd by Kilala04
Also - Favs stamp by transformer-wannabe and Music genres - OST by necromantress-stamps
'I am NOT a Furry' Stamp by Caffeine-Master
Thorax Fan Button by Agent--Kiwi

Favorite style in 'Care Bears' is the one from early 2000's, as seen in the books and some merchandise... That, and the one of Elena Kucharik's 'CareBears' postcards . Adorable. Favorite styles of 'My Little Pony' : G1 (from the animated special with Firefly), G2, G3, G3.5. As for G4, I love it mostly of the movie (2017) style because the ponies finally got their highlights and the shadows on their drawings. Though they're very simplified, they're cute in the visuals of the said movie.



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