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Hey everyone in this group!

I asked Tom Hall about how Mortimer was planned to look like officially. Here it is:

"Most of those are known... Helmet is banged up Chicago Bears helmet. Pants are jeans, i thiiiiiink black shirt, and adhering to that old palette, probably blue eyes.
He has no official stunner, just the mangling machine. He likes being more devious  than a simple sidearm, probably...."
Hahaha Cool group. ^_^
Thanks! We're always glad to get new members!
My pleasure! It's kind of awesome knowing others love Keen too. 
: P

Especially when it seems so many haven't even heard of him. 
Those poor souls... Amiright?!
I know right? Man, I've been playing Keen since first grade :D Dad taught me how
When i was young playing commander Keen, i always thought she was a girl. I guess it was the pink shirt, she looked feminine in some shots too. I wonder if anyone ells used to think this. it was awesome lol.