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Till The End

This small piece was completed alongside of "Heartsick" and "White Queen" (haven't posted this yet). It is the claw of a white owl.

Scratchboard and watercolor, 5x7 inches. Normally, I say things like "Only a tiny bit of post processing here" but with this piece there is a little more photoshop tinkering than is usual. My small format scanner is having a great deal of trouble differentiating subtle darks and low mid tones, so this darker piece scanned really poorly. A little bit of digital plastic surgery makes it look better, but I think it deviates a little from the piece in real life.
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Your textures never cease to amaze me. This might be some of the best fur/featheriness I've seen from you yet.
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Thanks again! While scratchboard can be murder to work with, one of its perks is that you can get some really amazing textures with different abrasive mediums. The feathers/claw fur you see here was carved with fiberglass, an etching needle, and a rough cloth. Sometimes it just comes together, and I think I did well with this one.
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You definitely did.