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The Demiurge

I finally have a new scanner after the old one died, so I can get back to posting stuff here. This is a representation of the Demiurge. The Demiurge, as told by Gnosticism, is the creator of our material reality after being birthed by Sophia. It is commonly represented as a serpent with a lion's head, likely representing both the wisdom of serpents, and the ferocity of lions. This definition is the very short version, but if you want to know more, check out Gnosticism on your local internet search engine.

As usual for me, this is traditional media aside from some post processing I have to do to fix up the blacks that scanners have a hard time getting right. Yes, this really is scratchboard, and not a drawing. The color is watercolor, so technically what you see here is a sort of mixed media scratchboard/watercolor hybrid. All the little lines here you see are carved, and this piece began as a plain black panel. The clouds were rendered using a solvent on the panel to pull off the top layer of black (I was experimenting). The physical piece is 12x24 inches tall, and the gold you see is real 24k gold leaf. The time I spent on this monster is somewhere around 120-200 hours, but I stopped keeping track after awhile so this is just an estimate.
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Cool design, especially on the rays around the head.

JackalMordant's avatar

Your sense of design and use of colour is suberb. You have a very distinctive style, and I love that this is scratchboard. Inspiring!

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Cool. I read about Gnosticism back in the 2000s. :-)

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Woah this is so cool!! I love all the textures and details, the pallet is gorgeous!

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Thank you! I did a lot of experimenting with this piece, so I think it turned out pretty good!