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Al Miraj Ambush

I've been really into old manuscripts depicting wild and strange beasts from both fact and fiction lately. I really enjoy how animals were depicted in old illustrations as stylized and gracefully exaggerated. As a nod to this old style, here is an interpretation of the fantastic Arabian monster, the Al-mi'raj. I've taken a few artistic liberties in its depiction, such as a white horn instead of black, and the beast having a fearsome appearance instead of looking like a "harmless yellow rabbit."

So yes, this is an al-m'raj, and it has set upon three wolves for its dinner. One of the wolves has been caught through the lip by the horn of the monster, ouch.

11x15 inch image on a 12x16 inch panel, scratchboard and watercolor, and way too much time.
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This is stunning, it shows how brutal things can be. And it makes me think about all the badness that people can do to one another, how we can become beasts ourselves. It also makes me think of all the people who are ganged up on and who need to show the beast inside so the others will leave them alone. I think this is very dark and vibrant at the same time, the details are all wonderful and it all stands out and contrasts so well.
This is defiantly a piece of art work that I would love to see up in a gallery somewhere or have a print of for my room.
It's lovely.