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So if anyone wants to find me else where or was curious here are some links!

Naughty Bicycle ( Where I draw comics and do conventions with):

Also have hear nothing from Boom and several card companies so I'm just doing my own thing for a while and try again I guess. I did get a gig from a new card company that started so I'm excited about that. Also I need to update more of my pages since I'm horrible with social media besides FB. So I'll get to that soon and be better about it. I'm sure it will be easier once I'm done with school, should free up more time. It would be even better if I didn't have to sling coffee at Starbucks either, but in due time. Thanks for all the support guys and see you hopefully during the 2014 con season!

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Just applied to be an artist at Boom Studios! Figured it wouldn't hurt to finally try to put myself out there and at least get some feedback on what I need to do to live my dream. I certaintly don't want to be slinging coffee all my life. Wish me luck guys and sorry I don't update much but figured this was worth updating about :)
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I'll be at Swamp Con this weekend in Gainesville, FL at the University of Florida campus. i'll be a guest this year and will be in artist alley unless they have a different area for guests. Look out for me under Naughty Bicycle. Have a few new mini prints and buttons saving new 11x17 prints for Megacon. I'll also have my laptop if you want any digital commissions and if I run out of anything because I wasn't able to stock much i can do a print run saturday as well if time permits or I can mail it to you after the show. Commissions are open if you want to order anything now for me to have for you to pick up at the show. Email me at .

Also I have 2 kick-starters going on. One is for a comic I did 2 pages for called Solestar they are close to their goal with only 2 days to go! All the money goes to printing the comic that all sales goes toward the brain aneurism foundation! So it' for a good cause and check it out here!…

There is also one for my comic company Naughty Bicycle for Facebeast 2! We have surpassed our goal, but we still have stretch goals to go toward printing future issues and to go toward us doing more conventions and getting more supplies to make more comics and art for you guys! So let's see how far we can go!!!!! Check it out here!…

Well that's all for now. For 2013 I plan to update more.

-Kate Carleton
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So tomorrow I was asked to do an event for Wreck it Ralph at a local movie theatre. Where I'll get to see the movie for free I just will be doing quick sketches and will have small prints to hand out to patrons. So if anyone lives near wesley Chapel, FL be sure to come to Cobb Theatres around 4:30-7pm tomorrow night to get some free art from me! And see an awesome movie!
I will also have my last 2012 con appearance at North Florida Comic show in Jacksonville, FL on Nov. 11th! So be sure to come to that as well!
It's been a crazy year and hope to have better stuff lined up for 2013. :)
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We did our best sales to date at Dragon Con this year! Thanks to everyone who came by the table and showed their support! I need to order new business cards since I ran out :P
We made enough to get a table a Heroes con so we're really excited about that. So we plan to add that to our 2013 con schedule. We're also looking into SPX , Baltimore Comic con, and C2E2. If anyone know of anymore out of FL cons that we should try or any FL ones I don't know about that are good for artists. Please let me know :)
Here's my convention schedule so far:


-Palm Con 2
(September 22nd, 2012)
American Polish Club
Lake Worth , FL

-Orlando Comic Expo
(September 23rd, 2012)
Orlando, FL

-Tampa Bay Comic Con
(October 20-21st, 2012)

-North Florida Comic Show
(November 11th, 2012)


(March 15-17th, 2013)
Orlando, FL
Brown 6
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My kickstarter got funded! I will have a limited number of advance copies of my sketchbook at Dragon Con 2012 for only $10! So please come by a visit me at table number 32 in the comics and pop art alley in the Hyatt. I'll be under the name Naughty Bicycle with a banner :)
I plan to have whatever copies i have left for sale on my web store soon after I get more copies for my backers. They will have 44 pages of art in full color and will be perfect bound!
I also plan to have only 25 copies made of the variant cover edition where I will draw whatever you would like on the cover in full color for $40! This will be a limited run and totally worth every penny.
So keep an eye out for info soon or be able to get a copy during any convention I'll be at this year.
Check out my schedule at !
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For anyone who didn't know. I have a kickstarter to print my first sketchbook to sell at conventions I'll be at. I already hit my basic main goal to get it printed, but have set new personal goals to make the book even better!
If I hit $1,000 I'm upgrading all the books to perfect bound from the basic comic type printing. I also plan to add more pages depending how much I go over my goal. (except for sketch covers so I can still draw on them)
If I hit $2,000 I'm planning to make all the backer copies upgraded to hardcovers.(except for sketch covers so I can still draw on them)
Last I checked I'm at $877 and only have 6 days left to hit these personal goals!!!
So spread the word and check it out!…

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So in case any one didn't know I'm open for commissions and I'm getting more work currently. I hope to get a steady income of work and commissions so I don't have to work my part time job and spend my time creating more art. So if you are ever wanting something done by me, I can do digital and traditional work. My goal is to be able to live off from doing conventions, trading card, work, commission, and freelance work.

If you are wondering how much my commission are please go here.

If you want some of my art prints go here.

I also used to make t-shirts regularly and have stopped but plan to make more soon once I have more free time. You can see those here.…

I also appreciate feedback from people so let me know what you think of my art. I love making it.
I hope that answers anyone questions who were wondering if I sell stuff or take commissions, the answer is definitely YES!

I also plan to save up to get Manga Studio and a new Tablet. Any one have advice on those?

Also my Next convention is DragonCon and will my biggest and first out of FL convention.
So excited!
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Ok so ALOT has happened. I got published with Womanthology with the sketchbook and have continued to work with them doing Holiday PDFs and hopefully if they dod another one I want to be in the big book. I also finally am going to be working on sketch cards!!!! Katie Cook (my idol) picked me to work with her to make sketch cards of pretty ladies and kitties for 5FINITY Cards!!!!!!!!!!! I'm honored she looked at my art, let alone picked me. They guy from the card company seems to like my art too. So fingers crossed that I make some awesome cards and they want me for more projects. Hopefully I'll get to do Star Wars cards one day...I can dream! Also did my first Megacon, it was AMAZING! Definitely plan to sell my art there again. I want to do better prints and go beyond and push myself this year, especially before Dragon*Con. Oh yea, I got into Dragon*Con!!!! WHAT!?! So many good things! Not enough time to type! I want to try to update this more, but with school, my day job and making art, it's hard.... I can't wait for school to be over so I can have more free time. Hopefully I can live off just making art so I can have tons of time to update it for you guys lol, yeah right... So cons that are coming up, next month! Free Con 8 and Pariahcon! End of August/ Beginning of September, DRAGON*CON!!!!Palm con in September as well! Then possibly Tampa Bay Comic Con in October to end my convention season of 2012. I hope to more even next year! So keep an eye out for me under Naughty Bicycle at conventions. See you around!!!!
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So I have some good news!!! I found out I will be in Womanthology!!!! It will be the sketchbook version and not the main color one, but it's still supercool! I will be working on a story called the "Tea Totaler" written by Rachel Pandich. So technically I will be have my work published for the first time! Which is awesome!!!! I just sent off my character sketches and I'm waiting to see when when my deadlines are. I also have been asked to be the guest artist at Pariah Con 2012!!! Which means I will be doing the poster and badge art and I will get paid and get free swag as well. I also get into the con for free to sell my art. So awesome!!! So I have alot of good things going for me. So I'm very busy at the moment. I'm also working on Agatha Frisky as well for my own company Naughty Bicycle with my boyfriend.
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Not much left of summer, but I finsihed my summer class and I have 2 conventions left for this year, then who knows what I'll have planned before or after Megacon 2012 right now. I'm also excited to be attending Leakycon 2011 this year just as a regular con attendee. I love me some Harry Potter! So far Pariahcon was awesome, and Florida Supercon was a flop for me. I would love to go to Heroescon, but unless I'm invited I'm not sure if I can throw doen $300 for a table.. that's a little shy of my rent! I also would like to just attend spookycon, not sure how my cutness would do there. And I would also like to look into Wizard Con. I hope to eventually do something outside of FL and get my name out there more. I also plan to attend Star Wars Celebration 2012 for a day as well. I was also talking about getting into sketch cards. I need to start some of my own of course to try to be an artist for a company, but if any one has some advice let me know. If anyone reads my ramblings on here, lol. If you do thank you. Should be busy soon with work, school in the fall, and working on my art for conventions and finally starting Agatha Frisky!!!! Well I'm going to go start working on some art I need to do before Ancient City Con. Later! :)
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I'm glad to say my spring 2011 semester is over!!! yayyyy! Hope to have pictures of everything I did up soon! I hope you guys like what I've been doing at school. I like how my mosiac turned out and was thinking odf doing some comission mosiacs. They will be pricey since it takes work, but as you can see well worth it in the end! Was thinking $200 for a small mosiac and $500 on big ones depending on the size and colors you might want. they would of course be mounted on a board that will be made hangable like my self potrait is. my self portrait is huge though. If anyone is interested in it or thinks this is a good idea or has suggestions let me know. Hope everyone is well! Later!
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So the semester is almost over, my fprintmaking class ends thursday and my tiles and mosiacs class should end on May 3rd, but everyone is so far behind that it might not.  I still have to finish my mosiac self portrait and finish painting my homage piece. ugggghhhh. I also got a normal part time job like most artists at Pinkberry at the local mall. It's frozen yogurt and is the most I've been paid plus I get tips. And since my managers seem to like I'm getting decent hours so me and Josh have decided to make the big step and to live together since we are both so busy with school and work it has been harder to see each other otherwise and I've been waiting for this for awhile. :) So I'm so excited about this summer with conventions coming up and moving in with Josh. I also have a class this summer called Into to digital arts, I've heard it's easy and is required for Graphic Design so should be a piece of cake for me I guess. I also need to start taking art history, bleeegh. So in the fall I'm taking Midevil art history and Advanced Printmaking. That's right my printmaking teacher loved me so much she asked me to take advanced with is the first advanced class at UT. I was also asked to help make her a logo for the print club. Well in news other than school I'm approaching the big dumb dog deadline, May 1st. i have inked all the pages now to just color and color!!! atleast I have today after school and friday and saturday to work on it. I haven't even had time to eat some easter candy, agggh. I've also have been asked to do some comissions lately, which is awesome. and I'm doing some favors lol. So i have alot going on. I'm also attending Art on Central live painting event in front of the Tampa Musuem of Art this time. So i hope to get better buisness form people who actually like art than old people who like cheesy paintings... so I hope it's fun. Might see if I can afford a big easel so i can do big drawings to attract people. That will be on May 21st. Other than that I don't have much going on. I hope you guy check out naughty bicycle sometime. Me and my boyfriend print our own comics so we could use all the support we can get. And be sure to check us out this summer at Pariahcon, Florida Supercon, and Ancient City Con!!!!
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So i had a blast at Megacon! Met alot of artist I've already been lookingat online and even met new ones. Got some great art and comics. Also had fun at Universal this weekend too even though it was suuuuper crowded. I hope to have a table at Megacon next year. I'm currently working on new Big Dumb Dog comics to add to our first book printed of big dumb dog with some we are not posting online. I also plan to work on prints for the cons this summer, and I'm alos working on videogame and cartoon stuff for friends. Busy busy busy. I also got a normal job at Pinkberry in Tampa. So now I can buy things! yay! I'm very excited about this summer and hope i do well. I'm also working on 3 projects at the moment for classes at the same much art. Now I need to get back to work so that's pretty much all that's going on with me. Later!
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So I declined the disney offer!!! I know you all are like are you crazy, well actually it wasn't the dream job I thought it would be.... First off I definatelly can't afford to move out there and prices of gas increasing , even with my nice gas efficent scion It would take some money for me to drive back and forth from Tampa to Orlando. I also woul not get park benefits like enjoying the parks I work in for free. Also I would be on "trial" and not be paid. Just learning, which would be tough in such a time consuming job since I'm in school and have to mantain certain hours because of financial aid. So yep I gave the job offer up. I might not have time for a job till after school or just need to find a not alot of hrs easy job while in school for some extra cash. On the good side I am a GUEST, yes GUEST at Florida Supercon with me and my boyfriends comic company Naughty Bicycle that we make comics and print ourdelves. So exciting to go to a convention for free. Except getting there and hotel, but still. I've dreamt of this. I hope people like us and we sell some comics and art. I just hope there will be more good things like this to come, we are ven trying to get a banner made for the show to attract more people to check out our booth. Now to draw one.. was thinking of drawing us with all of characters we have now in our comics, like oscar, lumpy, big dumb dog, and our new character facebeast, and i'll add walter in there too, because who doesn't love walter lol :) Well I'm on spring break and have enjoyed having no stress of school, and have a fun weekend planned before heading back and having project due...sigh.. Well thanks for listen to me ramble and be sure to check out my site and naughty bicycle and add us on facebook too! Also me and Josh are trying to get our comics published which would be cool, I'm hoping to work on agatha friskey soon, because i know it will be badass, but josh is pushing it back to work on another facebeast, and a manga edition of elephantastic which would do well at pariahcon if we get it done. Well I'll try to update when something exciting or atleast to me happens. Take care!
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So didn't bomb the disney Caricature interview, was given homeowrk but i need to go get some new chartpak markers wednesday. which gives me time to read and read the book he gave me too. So we'll see if I get it. If I do I'm going to be super nervous, it's intimidating to draw with people who have been doing live art for years. And you never know what kind of customers you'll get. so I hope I do well. *sigh* So stressing over that.Also debating on my head if I do well and make good money to afford a place should i loook into to places closer to there?  Also need to retouch a comission and send that out today and also add text to the book cover one I did, waiting to hear back from her though on what to put. Also have colored prints due by thursday for class! eek, why does she always gives us short notice for projects that are time consuming? ugghhh. Good News is that I finally got my financial aid from school horray! Bad news is that the conventions didn't do as well as I hoped, but got some new fans of my art I hope. Hoping Pariah Con is a sucess, but Tampa Bay Comic con went better than any conventions i have done. Just wish my bigger pieces would sell more. Hope people are interested and buy them online since I have them at my webstore that you can get to from my website. Busy Busy Busy!!!! Now to clean my room..yay... and do errands. later everyone.
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I hope buisness picks up for me. Put an ad on craigslists to try to see if anyone in the area wanted any art, only got one request who might be interested and some spam uggh. I just hope I do well at my upcoming events. Since money is tight and I have payments due. I really wish my school loans will get here while I'm in school and still waiting on my diploma from HCC. blagh. Well enough with being negative. Comissions are definatelly wide open if anyone wants anything done. I usually charge $20 for pencil, $30 for ink (by hand or digital) , and $40 for color (by hand or digital). And i get them out to people pretty fast.I also do mini watercolor paintings for $5, and will send you a random doodle for $1,( which you can buy online at my website ) . And I hope to get some prismacolors one day and some trading cards and do those for $10 one day soon. Maybe if I get enough buisness going and people who actually want my art. I just finished Facebeast yay! So I just need to work on a childrens book cover comission and my boyfriends brothers videogame about zombies , and finish matt's cartoon storyboard and work on tanners cartoon sometime. But I hope we start Agtha Frisky soon because I think it will be better than anything we have done so far.Off to school soon. Done rambling. Thanks for any followers I have and any fans of my art. I appreciate you guys alot and try to spread the word about me. And I hope to meet some people at conventions or events I do. Later guys.
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So a lot has happened so far. I got into The University of Tampa for Graphic Design and start January 18th! I'm so excited! Taking Printmaking and Mosiacs/Ceramics this semester. I also want to take up knitting and sewing and try to make things to sell and make some extra income. Bad news though, found up my season is up at Buch Gardens so I won't have a job. :( So I have comissions open for anyone who wants anything, tell me your idea of what you want and the medium, digital, watercolor, painting, whatever I can do and I'll try my best to finish them as soon as I can, and with not having a job I should have some time. Hopefully I can find another job that is hopefully better than BG was. So if anyone wants comissions please email me at Or comment on here. I accept paypal payments or checks. I will tell you my estimate first, see how you feel about it, then work on the art and when i finish I'll email you a picture of the finished product. Then if you like it send me the payment and after the payment clears I'll mail you your art. I hope that I'll get a decent amount of comission to help me through these tough times. The good side of this however is that I can focus on school with a good start,  work on my art more and my projects with Naughty Bicycle, and have time to spend with people.  My dream would to be able to live off from selling my art, but I know it's hard dream to achieve especially with such hard financial times people are dealing with today. I also dyed my hair blonde for this new year and hope the changes of this year are for the best and that my future will be bright. Hopefully you guys will see some new art from me this year. So Happy New Year everyone!!!!
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At my website, , I have payment buttons set up through pay pal to buy comissions. If you want a comission, but you don't have paypal, shoot me an email at and we can work out something like mailing me a check. Now with these comissions they can come on bristol for pencil and ink work. As for color you can have watercolor or computer drawings that will be printed out for you and emailed. If I get alot of requests be patient, since I have a job, but I try my best to get them done as fast as I can. Also be sure to check out a web comic, Big Dumb Dog , I work on at Naughty Bicycle . There's also the first issue of elephantastic up for free, but hard copies will be available for sale at conventions or if enought requests are given will be for sale through paypal again. Also the new issue of elephantastic issue 2 is gor sale as well. So I hope everyone will go check it out. I also offer mini painting for $5 each, you can request a character or ask for a random mini painting. I think that is all I wanted to say in my first blog. So check out my site and Naughty Bicycle's site!!!