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Iron Man Mark III

Something a little different this time. :)
I've recently gotten into the Marvel universe (started by watching the movies). And the urge to do some fanart wouldn't leave me alone. I'd like to paint Loki, Black Widow, and a few others, but we'll see if I ever get around to it. ^^;

Painted completely in photoshop.
No Critique desired.

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My Avengers/Marvel fanart series:

Iron Man Mark III by keelerleah  The Avengers: Black Widow by keelerleah  Thor Odinson by keelerleah Loki Laufeyson by keelerleah

Art © copyright keelerleah (me)
Iron Man © copyright Marvel
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He is my idle he’s literally why I want to be a technical engineer.

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Who doesn't love Iron Man? The Hero who wasn't either given his power (like Captain America) by others or just simply had it from birth (like Thor) or was trained by others from young age (like Black Widow), but who made himself an armor that made it possible for an untrained guy to keep up with all those other great heros!

As for this piece? Damn, this is well done! Good proportions, great colors, great metallic effect etc. :)

How long did it take you till you could crank out pieces such as this one?
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Thanks, I'm glad you like it!  :)

It took me awhile to complete. I did it in my spare time between paid work... and I remember I really struggled on getting the armor right. The shoulders and arms I found especially difficult. So maybe about a month to finish? It was a long time ago now and I don't really remember the exact amount of time. ^^;
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He's my mother's favourite!
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This is amazing!!! :D I adore Tony :aww:
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awesome work! :nod:
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Awesome work! :heart:
Great work!  I'm already very eager to see what you'll do with Thor if you continue on with portraits of The Avengers.
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awesome work, I just finished an ironman 3d model as well.  He has sooo many little details, but you captured it just right.
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Nice work! I understand the need to sell toys, but I still wish they'd stuck with the Mark III as Tony's main suit. It has the cleanest design and most familiar colour scheme. The recent designs have been way too busy.
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this is cool buddy.  it would be awesome to see you paint the others as well.   this is as epic as it gets.  :clap:
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Well done, well done! :clap:

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You are most welcome. :happybounce:

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Fantastic piece! Hope winter soldier's on the list too ><! Look forward to the next painting~
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YES YEAH Marvelverse + your art = :D
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:O This is so beautiful!!! I would absolutely love to see more Marvel characters from you; I mean I'm sure they'd be amazing... :)
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