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Bleach Halloween Byakuya Rukia



Well I didn't think I'd have a Halloween picture to post this year but last night I just got a random urge to start painting something new.

This is what I'd call a speed paint, as I started it at midnight last night and I worked right through until 7am (with no stops in between... I didn't even pause to stand up). And before I knew it, this is what happened. There are still a lot of things that bug me, but with my very limited time now, I just don't have any more time to waste on it. So maybe in the future I'll go back and work a bit more on it... but for now, here it is. ^^

I started off with just some head paintings but as I worked down, the idea of doing this as a Halloween picture stuck. I ended up going with a Vampire theme, and if your wondering why the pumpkins face looks odd, it's because I drew it to look like Byakuya's own creation the Seaweed Ambassador. Kind of a strange idea, but I liked it. ^^

Time: 7 hours straight
Colored in photoshop.
No Critique desired!

:pumpkin: Hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween! :pumpkin:

Art © copyright =keelerleah (me)
Byakuya and Rukia (Bleach) © copyright Tite Kubo
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Keelerleah, have you ever heard of a Dhampir, a Mystic Vampire, a Nelapsi, a Jiang Shi, a Vampiric Dragon, a Vaewolf, an Alpha Vaewolf, a Zompire, a Kresnik, a Manananggal, a Shinso, a Vampire Lord, and a Transcendent Vampire before?