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Since i’m speed painting every day this month anyway, i gave myself a new self-portrait for my birthday. I usually use a self-portrait instead of a photo for my avatar or userpic on the sites which allow such a thing, but my last one is over a year old (and, by extension, a piercing short), so it’s due for an upgrade.

I spent a good bit longer on this than my other speed paintings – almost two hours – but i think it’s still quick enough to count as a speed-painting. At any rate i started it the same way i do all my other speed paintings, so it was a speed painting for the first hour.

No video but it went something like this:
~60 minutes: Just like the rest of my speed paintings, but in more detail, so while there's no video of *this* painting there's plenty of similar videos.
~30 minutes: Intensifying the light/shadow (mostly by painting in blue on a layer set to Multiply and yellow on a layer set to Screen)
~30 minutes: Fixing the colours, since my speed paintings tend towards very unnatural… put down a colour balance layer and adjusted until the skin colour was somewhat natural, then added another layer set to Colour and painted on it in brown/green to get my hair/eyes right
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