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to TheDangerCat: if you are reading this, i thank you for keeping your promise to block me so that this would end. goodbye forever.

I’ve had a falling out with TheDangerCat. I’ve blocked him and hopefully he has blocked me. If you want to know what the comments that lead to this, here they are (I should mention that I did lose my cool and insulted him. But I won’t make my side looks better or his side bad. These ARE the same comments. And you can check them out if you want. but i DON'T want people to insult and attack him! i want to be BETTER then that!):

TheDangerCat: Tonight we pray for the souls of all those thousands of dollars wasted on games like DayZ and The Stomping Grounds.

Me: ehh, i thought DayZ was fine. (also, i don't know why you've said this)

TheDangerCat: Do you still play it? Does anyone?

Me: people still play games that haven't been relevant in years! people will still be playing that game.

TheDangerCat: Yeah, right...

Me: actually, do you have a game you keep coming back to that hasn't been relevant for a long time? because that would be a interesting thing.

TheDangerCat: The only game I've played for this entire year was Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. And that game sucks.

Me: ...why would you play that game for a year if "that game sucks."?

TheDangerCat: You're just insistent on being a dumbass, aren't you?

Me: umm, all i did was ask a legitimate question! no need to be a dick about it!

TheDangerCat: No, you're constantly being an annoying moron who asks intentionally stupid questions without thinking them through in a vain attempt to feel some kind of validation through interacting with someone you'll never meet in real life.

Thanks for wasting my time, jackass, but this is the last reply you'll ever get from me. 

Me: i'm sorry, but i legitimately don't know why. did you post something explaining why you would play that game for a year? if so then i'll gladly read it! but here's the thing: no matter if someone is intentionally annoying you or not, that DOESN'T give you the right to be a MASSIVE ASSHOLE to them! if they are trying to annoy you, then YOU have to be the better person! and also, it doesn't matter if you were "having a tough time"! it still doesn't excuse you for being a dick! and if you keep acting like this, then you DESERVE to lose ALL of your fans who would then finally come to their senses and stop following a bastard like you! (but since i don't really believe that you are a asshole, i'm hoping that your interactions will improve.)

TheDangerCat: Okay, I was going to never reply to you again, but this response of yours is so wrong on so many levels...

First of all, I don't draw for the fanbase. I have never done so. I don't give a shit about my "fanbase" and their contentment. The vast majority of my 3500 followers never interact with me and those that do either prove themselves to be nice people I'd like to be friends with or they are like you. Entitled and conceited losers who demand creators like me to be people that we aren't.

People like you are just like the people who send unsolicited requests with the expectation that artists are beholden to bend over backwards to please anonymous jackholes on the other side of the planet that we'll never meet.

You would have just as much of a right to demand politeness from me as I have to demand from you. Except for one thing: I don't need you. You're a fan OF ME. You're only here because of what I MAKE. I have all the bargaining power here, you have NOTHING that I want in exchange for making my art. So your demand for me to be "the better person" is disgustingly insolent.

And make no mistake here. Your implications that I might be an asshole is just you mistaking my personality for my attitude. My personality is what it is, but my attitude changes depending on the person I speak with. So if you think I'm being an asshole to you, then the fault here isn't me, it's YOU!

I have no incentive to change my behaviour towards you. Because you're a nobody on the other side of the planet who does nothing for my benefit. All you've ever done to me is wilfully misinterpret what I say and then bitch about how "I'm a dick."'

You cut that shit out and pay some fucking respect to me, the artist that has served your niched porn interest for free since 2014, and maybe I'll be nicer to you. 

Me: wow.....there really isn't any hope for you. but i'll be nice enough to say this: sorry. so let's just have this comment chain DIE! (also "You cut that shit out and pay some fucking respect to me" i don't HAVE to give respect to someone who is being rude to me. you know the saying: "treat people how you want to be treated"? well, i go by my own saying which is: "if they are nice to you, then you should be nice to them"!)

TheDangerCat: People like you are the reason I never want to involve myself in this dumbass community anymore. 

If you're disappointed that I want to leave and that I'm not the kind of person you expected I should be, then that is ALL ON YOU.

People like you fucked up. You tore me down. You made me realize that there's nothing for me in this community anymore. 

Any time people find my DangerCat art and wonder where I disappeared to and why, I'm gonna point to people like you.

Congratulations! You've solidified my decision to never do this stuff again!

Me: i'm just going to end this by saying that i'm sorry. you don't have to forgive me. i don't have a reason why i said those things. you don't have to respond to this comment. just don't quit something you are thinking of leaving because of some asshole like me.

TheDangerCat: This is exactly what I've been saying this whole fucking time!

You don't give a shit about me. All you care about is that I don't leave so that you can get your TG art fix, like a fucking junkie.

Two messages ago you adamantly refused to pay any respect to me because I was "rude" but as soon as I re-iterate that I no longer want to serve you and your interests, you immediately switch tune. 

Because to you, my well-being and happiness is worth less than yours.

I say it again: I don't draw for the fans, most fans like you give me nothing but headaches and stress. And on top of that, you DEMAND that I don't just draw art that pleases YOU, but you also demand that I behave respectfully towards you. Like fucking leeches, you're never satiated by the fact that I already dedicated years of my life to provide jerk-off material to you. But you have the fucking gall to demand that I THANK YOU for that opportunity.

If you really wanted me to stay, then YOU would never have been so egotistical, conceited and entitled to ask from me what I NEVER GET FROM YOU!

And bear in mind, you're just ONE out of maybe 2000 people who are exactly like you. How the fuck do you think I feel after having encountered this behaviour from hundreds of people just like you over the course of 4 years? 


Do you think it's fun? 

Do you think I have any patience left?

Do you think?!

Do you think at all?!

Or are you just so fucking stuck up your own ass that you DON'T want to think about me as if I was another living, breathing person with dreams, hopes and concerns for the future that goes beyond servicing you?

So I say it again: Pay some respect to me, and maybe I'll be nicer. 

Because I already gave you my art. What have you done for me?

Me: you know, i wanted to generally apologise because i don't know that i would be "the straw that broke the camels back". but honestly, fuck. you. fuck you and your massive ego! "YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE NOBODY IN A SEA OF ASSHOLE NOBODIES. YOU'RE JUST A NUMBER OUT OF 3500 FOLLOWERS OF MINE AND YOU BEHAVE LIKE THIS?!"? i have a quick question: how comfy is your head dickwad? when it's so far up your ass right now! i generally hope that the "asshole nobodies" as you call them realise that you are just a asshat drunk off the tiny power you have and leave you! i hope your family dies as painfully as possible! i hope that the people that you somewhat care for leave you for DEAD! i hope you dies alone and depressed! AND WHEN YOU REACH HELL, I HOPE YOU SUFFER FOR ALL ETERNITY!

...and i also hope that you realise that being a asshole to someone and calling them "asshole nobody" will just get you no where. i consider that you block me as i am to you. as it will be the only way for this to end. goodbye.

Let's be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 8812 0075 4576!



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