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Under the Church Light

"So much has been said about the girls over the years. But we have never found an answer. It didn't matter in the end how old they had been, or that they were girls. But only that we had loved them. And that they hadn't heard us calling. Still do not hear us calling them from out of those rooms, where they went to be alone for all time, and where we will never find the pieces to put them back together. "

- The Virgin Suicides, Jeffrey Eugenides.

Olga Nicholaievna 1895-1918
Tatiana Nicholaievna 1897-1918
Maria Nicholaievna 1899-1918
Anastasia Nicholaievna 1901-1918

Daughters of the last Russian Tsar. All brutally murdered together. All forever at rest with the saints.

44"x 28", pencil, marker, pastel.

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AGiroflee98's avatar
This is so frigging perfect!
Etruia18's avatar
This is so beautiful! it would make a breathtaking stain glass window!
KeeganYoung's avatar
Thank you! That would certainly go with the religious theme of the piece ; )
natsafan's avatar
It's so beautiful!
It's sad but calm at the same time
KeeganYoung's avatar
Thank you so much; that's just what I aimed for. It's like an icon: you can imagine the suffering of the figures in the image, but see also the serenity in which they bear it.
natsafan's avatar
You are welcome
Historybuff262's avatar
Bad move Russian Church. They were normal people none of them preformed any miracles. I don't care what those lousy scientists and their lousy DNA tests say. Since there were no witnesses that night we don't know who died and how they died and if anyone got out which I believe some did.
KeeganYoung's avatar
So what exactly is your point?
someone could have escaped or been rescued. Ever hear of time travel? Never give up hope.
Luisana2012's avatar
I believe in your theory that OTMA have survived through time travel.
FloatingFloor's avatar
This is pure genius. I'm in love with Tatiana's expression. Omg. I'm in love with this.
KeeganYoung's avatar
D'aw, thanks Catherine. I'm terribly pleased to know you like it :3 Tatiana ended up being my own favourite, I slaved over getting her smile just right. What won't I do for the Romanovs.

FloatingFloor's avatar
aha, I love this. Her smile is just perfect. She looks like she's really about to move, this freaks me out in a veryy good way.
KeeganYoung's avatar
My drawing has the ability to freak you out. I have been successful then. But thank you :} I think she captures best what I was trying to convey.
uranium-ultrasaurus's avatar
Absolutely beautiful.
their faces haunt me.
KeeganYoung's avatar
There is nothing left to colour.
I still do touch ups here and there on their faces though.
But I am pleased they haunt you.
For that is the point.

uranium-ultrasaurus's avatar
wellp, to me at least I feel like you need more hints of colour in the rest of the piece to make the over-saturated colours you have in the head-circles not the focus (my eyes are distracted by them, i dunno X_X)
but i think that's what you're going for : P
KeeganYoung's avatar
I was more than a bit concerned that the colours added distraction and drained the focus from the girls. But by then it was too late D; I think the halos turned out revoltingly tacky, but I did the best I could.
I was inspired by Russian ikons, which have the same concept of gold and bold colours surrounding a subtler central figure. Idk, where would you suggest I try and fix things?
uranium-ultrasaurus's avatar
don't give up hope yet, Keeg.
i would suggest going in with coloured pencils to the girls and the background. if you had those colours throughout the whole image they wouldn't stick out so much, and not all focus is lost on brightly coloured halos ; )
you don't have to make the colours as saturated and dark as they are in the circles, you'll get a nice effect just using light shading.
I suggest adding skin tones and enhance shadows with blues and greens and enhance your brights with white and yellow
KodyYoung's avatar
I forgot to comment on this Keegan.
Olga makes me so hawt, its just makes me want to :iconlazernipsplz:
KeeganYoung's avatar
I am humbled.
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