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Hey kiddies, 4th piece out of a total of 5 for art. An attempt at Klimt this time. I was trying to go for his "Gold" period when everything of his was still cracked out - but glittery : D. Quite a bit of inspiration taken from his "Nudas Veritas". The vine work isn't my idea, actually taken from another work I saw and incorporated into the piece. I thought it worked well at any rate. I suppose she's almost like Eve in some gold encrusted paradise. This is A LOT shinier in person. But anyways. The bottom says "ELLE" if you couldn't make that out.

Elle= en français means "Her/ She"

Likewise "Her/ She" in anglais = Elle en français.


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Jan 1, 2004, 12:00:39 PM
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I really like this, it's 60s and 70s-ish but it also reminds me a little bit of those Japanese woodblock prints. This is awesome!
KeeganYoung's avatar
Most people seem to get that feeling when they see this, but I've never had anyone comment on the Japanese aspect before! Very interesting, but I can definitely see what you mean. Thank you very much for your thoughts : D
soleit's avatar
You're welcome, I really like this style.
goddessartist's avatar
Beautiful work and yes, I thought of Klimt when I first spied this piece.
KeeganYoung's avatar
Thank you! I'm glad you were able to pick up on it : )
xiaocaca's avatar
Ah, gotta love Klimt. This is farking beastly, is all. XP Am loving the composition and the liquid quality of the hair.
KeeganYoung's avatar
This pleases me, muchly. Klimt is the shiz, I don't know what I would do without his cracked out genius.

And thank you. MOST ardently. For serious. :iconohjoyplz:
Crushed-oranges's avatar
I really like all of the coloured pieces like this! the designs are wonderful and the colour in this one is lovely :)
KeeganYoung's avatar
I'm overjoyed to hear you think so! And even more pleased to see you still exist : D
Crushed-oranges's avatar
hahaha! Yes, I do :P And you're very welcome! :)
HarlequinMoth's avatar
i looove this. probably my favourite from you, keeg.
KeeganYoung's avatar
REE! Thank you very much :iconimhappyplz:
Erislei's avatar
Nice work, It looks like a Klimt lady, but more simple lines, I like it.
KeeganYoung's avatar
Thank you very much! That's definitely what I was going for :iconohjoyplz:
nellbelle's avatar
Really nice artwork :sun:
KeeganYoung's avatar
Thank you very much indeed!
Nevi's avatar
Fantastic! I love the use of color.
KeeganYoung's avatar
Thank you very much indeed :D
Alwisw's avatar
This is very beautiful! It reminds me alot of the works of Gustav Klimt, who happens to be one of my favourite artists. You did a wonderful job! She looks absolutely amazing. How come you haven't done things like this before?
KeeganYoung's avatar
Thank you so much! I'm glad you feel it has the Klimt look to it, definitely what I'd hoped for. I think I've never done anything like this because I didn't know how people would react D:
Alwisw's avatar
You're very welcome. You did a wonderful job! :)
Please make more of this kind.
KeeganYoung's avatar
My last project will be like this, so I hope you'll enjoy it :D
Leppardra's avatar
Very nice work, Keegan. Who is (or was) Klimt? :)
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