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The Blissful Death

A sketch of Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn from "The Tudors."
She's about to get her head chopped off.
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I'm in love with this picture. The look on her face is Excellent work. : D
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You're too kind! It was her expression that captured my attention in the first place.
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I knew who/what this was the moment I came across it. Great job! I love The Tudors :)
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Thank you very much! I really like the show too, one of the few I bother to even watch :D And I like your avatar!
Poison-Ivy-Alice's avatar
You're very welcome! & Thank you, I like yours too. Is it from The Young Victoria? I think that's the title.. hehe ^^;
KeeganYoung's avatar
It is indeed, nice work. Have you seen it yet?
Poison-Ivy-Alice's avatar
Bits and pieces. I enjoyed what I saw, though. I'll have to finish it. :)
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:) Lovely! A perfect likeness of Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn! In my opinion, she was the best Anne!
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you have to finish this!
my favorite wife!! =)
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I'll do my best :D
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Her face is fantastic.
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Jeeez, thank ye :D
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Nice sketch! It's interesting how they got an actress who really looked like Anne, although it's too bad the costumes are so awful...

So, do you have any plans to color this?
KeeganYoung's avatar
I would have to undoubtedly agree with the costumes D: Some are lovely of course, but the Historically-Accurate-Nazi inside me wants to gas the hell out of the majority of them....if I finish my other sketch I'll definitely try colouring this one to practice flesh tones!
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What's worse, is that the costumes aren't particularly attractive or well-made either. And I heard that the costume designer shopped for the men's shoes at the mall... so sad!

I'm looking forward to your colored pencil work! :)
KeeganYoung's avatar
No way :iconohnoesplz: mall?!*spastic cringe* That show is lucky they have pretty people on it...may be the only reason I'll watch it from now on. And I can't wait to get some time to practice all this coloured pencil revelry :D
suburbanbeatnik's avatar
Well, I don't if they were bought in a mall exactly, but definitely some kind of contemporary shops. Still- yeesh!

Also, Anne's corset in the masquerade scene looks like it's made out of Lycra. And I've heard that the coaches used are actually Victorian. So, yeah... :P

Revelry... hee!
KeeganYoung's avatar
Yeesh indeed! If you're going to make a series like that you could at least put a little more effort into finding a competent costume designer...

And I'm glad to hear someone else complaining about the coaches! The one Anne and Henry rode in looked like something from a Fairy Princess Barbie commercial x__x
suburbanbeatnik's avatar
This is the costume designer, Joan Bergin: [link]

That's weird she worked on The Prestige; that actually had pretty decent costuming (apparently she was even nominated for an Oscar for it). But Tudor era stuff isn't the same as Edwardian... and maybe Ms Bergin is just out of her depth. And the direction and art direction also determines the costume design... so God knows what the director was thinking...
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I liked the Prestige! Though I personally thought The Illusionist a bit more gripping and entertaining :D Some of the "morning gowns" or dressing robes in the show seem more like Edwardian Tea dresses to me, now that you mention it. And I hate the hair intensely, did everyone actually go around with wild bouffants in that era?! I'm thinking the director might be trying to hard to give the show an edgy look...or they're just completely cracked out : D
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Hee-hee, I'm waiting for Season Two of "The Tudors" to come out on DVD on December 30th. Interesting that they would portray Anne Boleyn's death as blissful. From what I know of her, she hardly viewed it as that. But I do know she went to her death calmly and with poise, so maybe that's what they meant by blissful. :nod:

This is a great sketch, Keegan. I'm a big Tudor nut, so if you do any more Tudor-themed drawings, I'll be right there drinking them in. :D
KeeganYoung's avatar
I actually just drew this from a still from the episode, haven't actually seen it yet! From what I saw she seemed really poised and graceful even, almost with the look of a martyr. There was another still I tried sketching on the this page...but it really didn't want to work D:
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