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Anastasia Nicholaievna

Grand Duchess Anastasia Nicholaievna Romanova, ca. 1911.

"Some persons seem endowed with a peculiar and semitragic gift. They live out their lives and die, only to provide drama for the playwright or novelist. Their's is not the stuff of life, but of fiction. Such a woman was Anastasia, daughter of the last Russian Tsar, supposedly massacred at Ekaterinburg in July, 1918. She lived out her life like a princess in a fairy tale, with her bumbling, bourgeois Emperor father, the only false note in the royal symphony. Anastasia laughed and played and worked through the hours of her young life, touched with the magic of unreality, carrying a thousand years of August tradition upon her frail shoulders. In the fairy tales, the princess lived happily ever after. Anastasia lived in an all-to-real world. Officially, her life was snuffed out by Bolshevist guns in the Ekaterinburg cellar. If it was, she fell - I am sure - with great dignity and grace, her silken skirts weighted with the jewels that would have bought her way to freedom. The historical Anastasia vanishes here, reduced to a grotesque, red-stained doll lying limply across a sack of potatoes; and the infinetly more satisfying Anastsia of the legend rises, phoenix-like from her body..."

*Entirely and utterly dedicated to Holly James Daugherty, for whose text messages of motivation I could never have done this without.

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sakurafairy24's avatar
This is beautiful!
All the little stray hairs you included and the softness....Really captures the personality she was said to have. <3
mitch-rideout's avatar
This is so beautiful! I love the little wisps of hair that show that she isn't perfect.
Idontknowwhoyouknow's avatar
chickaablet's avatar
So beautiful. You have to admit, the animated film did a good job with some of the historical accuracies. Such as this dress.
KeeganYoung's avatar
Thanks! Regardless of what anyone says about the 1997 film, I'll love it till the end.
chickaablet's avatar
You're welocme~ The movie has such beautiful music too such as Once Upon a December. Did you there was another animated film of it made in the same year?
KeeganYoung's avatar
Yep, I have the other version on DVD as well. Nothing to be compared to its 21st Century Fox Film counterpart though ; )
chickaablet's avatar
So true. They certainly don't make films like that any more
potof27's avatar
Nice job.
Have you read Anastasia's story in the Roayal Diaries series? You might like it, judging from your signature.
KeeganYoung's avatar
I've read that book many a time, and many a year ago. Thanks! :D
Quiriter's avatar
What a beautiful portrait) I really don-t remember when this photo has been taken... I guess It's Anastasia Nicolaevna in her costume at the Ball in honor of 300 years of Romanov's house, am I right?
KeeganYoung's avatar
Thank you! It was actually taken in 1911, just as a set of formal photographs. The Romanov Tercentenary wasn't until 1913 ;)The gown itself is simply a Russian court dress.
Quiriter's avatar
So it was my mistake) thank you for the answer)
KeeganYoung's avatar
No worries! And thank you again :iconhurrplz:
LaylaAlvedo's avatar
She's very beautiful.
KeeganYoung's avatar
She was : ) Thank you so much :iconohjoyplz:
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GrandDuchess18's avatar
Wonderful job! I adore it
KeeganYoung's avatar
Thank you so much! :iconohjoyplz:
Eumeia's avatar
Wow, this is beautifully done!
KeeganYoung's avatar
Thank you very much!
lmabee's avatar
Your work is so beautiful!
KeeganYoung's avatar
Laura, how you do spoil me with your kindness :iconhurrplz:
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