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Soft v2 Theme for iPhone

100+ icons provided for two variations, Soft™ and Soft™ Light.

The wallpaper and dock in the preview are from Jon's Plexicons theme. However, the dock is flipped vertically.

Name suggested by Jon.
Ideas for Weather and YouTube icons from kee440.
Light version suggested by toffeenut.

Black (Dashboard style) calendar icon for Kate (FaceLift) users. Place the Info.plist file in the Soft™ folder in /var/mobile/Library/Summerboard/Themes.

Thanks to all the members of the MT2 Forum that helped me out by giving comments and suggestions.

Enjoy the theme!
© 2008 - 2021 kediashubham
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love the colours + MacThemes icon =)
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Hello, could you please post your theme over at [link] in the "Themes" category? Thanks a ton! :D
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Awesome colors and soft effect on these icons! Faved n submitted to

Hope it brings you some extra visitors! Cheers!
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How should i install this on my jailbroken iPodt Tocuh 4G??
I love this one too, especially the icons (color+design), primo. I use this theme "Illuminous" and the color cohesion is nice to me. I can't see a way to attach a screenshot...or I would, yeah.
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Still one of my favorite themes. Just wish it had more icons. *hint hint to Shubham* ;)
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beautiful theme man, very nice colors! - this is being featured today on jackrebel dot com. [link] :)
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