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Shinicons Sliders

(Original sliders by endosage, Based on Shinicons theme by Jon)

Pretty self-explainatory. SSH the sliders you want to /System/Library/Frameworks/TelephonyUI.framework and rename them according to the following:

Unlock Slider: bottombarknobgray.png
Answer Slider: bottombarknobgreen.png
Shutdown Slider: bottombarknobred.png

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xmmzin's avatar
yas of no
 iphone ipod
I busy sorry
 reply for you
specialized666's avatar
Nice, but how can i use it on iPod Touch, because i can not find that directory. Please Help !!!
elenutza's avatar
how can i install this on ipod touch?
Alanaktion's avatar
simple but nice
the-waiting-unknown's avatar
i couldnt find that directory either
Sk-Styles's avatar
can i use them for on my ipod touch ?

cant find the telephonyUI cause it´s an ipod.
Help me that directory don't appear in my iPhone... thanks
B E A utiful. ty!! installed!!
Nokadota's avatar
this is an awesome addition to the ever-growing Shin thread on MT. :+fav:
GrinWicz's avatar
...and i collect it. ;]
GrinWicz's avatar
it looks very pretty in iphone. thanks for add. ^^
dwonder3's avatar
the red, black, and blue ones are awesome.
Nice work.
Jinsey's avatar
nice.........awesome work
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