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Radiance theme for iPhone

Radiance Theme
by Shubham Kedia

82 icons provided; includes jailbroken apps as well as some AppStore apps.

To use the badge, rename it to SBBadgeBG.png and SSH the file to:

Thanks to all the members of the MT2 Forum that helped me out by giving comments and suggestions.

Enjoy the theme!

P.S. Please read the readme file to understand how to use the template.
© 2008 - 2021 kediashubham
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jridgwayart's avatar
It looks new for me,Icons plus wallpaper,and template very impressive!!Nothing to say your great Kediashubham :)
pest-control-essex's avatar
I can sing a new love song now because I saw this very impressive Icons.Good job kediashubham .
saffronrestaurantoxf's avatar
Such an impressive icons.You did a good job! Thanks.
Davidb27's avatar
Great icons! Thank you!
我好喜欢这里的图标 图片 超好看。
Benguy12's avatar
uber nic3e! LOL
I love this theme!

But it is lacking alot of icons for apps that i have downloaded.

If i was to request icons, would you be able to make them to match this theme?

Thanks in advance!
Vathanx's avatar
Much better than the original icons :thumbsup:
EricJD's avatar
I'm a bit new to this...How do I apply the icons?
rebstile's avatar
this is beautiful, fantastic work my friend! really really nice, - featured today on jackrebel dot com . :)
Plizzo's avatar
Shubham, this is by far your very best work. It's really good and so easy to look at. You just want to eat the icons. :P
what can i say? absolutely swoit..! :)
ToffeeNut's avatar
Been waiting for this! VERY good work! :)
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