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Overdue for iPhone

My entry for the Macthemes iPhone Theme contest. 39 icons, badge, wallpaper, dock, and statusbar.

For use with WinterBoard. Enjoy!


Dustin for his glyphs. [link]
Alistair for the iTunes / App Store / Cydia idea.
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Tks very much for your post.

You also find all Wallpaper iphone at link at the end of this post.

Source: Full Color Wallpaper iPhone

Best rgs
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Allow for derivate?
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This is the and was the best ip3 device theme ever it would be excellent if you could find the time to remake them for iP4-5 devices Thanks
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Allow for comercial??
App Designer?
Download 200 Free Icons
or 777 Icons only for $45
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Awesome work!

Featured on

I hope you get more views and visitors!!!
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My iPhone 4s is gay for this theme. Just saying.
Thanks for the upload. Most people just upload either .png or .jpg files.
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넘 멋집니다!!!!!!!
Excellent thank you up-loader. I have to do a assignment and re-create the iPad and i needed the icons. I'm new to Photoshop so I REALLY didn't want to attempt to make them self and have them turn out horrible. This is so much appreciated. I will post my Photoshop image once it is done to try and get some remarks back on how I can make it look a little better. I'm going to start out with some smaller stuff and than move onto this. BTW: excellent tutorial also.
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hd pretty please?ok thanks bye :)
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Very nice theme, iI using it now on my iPhone.
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Looks nice man...trying it out in a few.
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Hello, could you please post your theme over at [link] in the "Themes" category? Thanks a ton!
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very nice theme!!!!
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Very Good,

I Like.
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Good job! really like this
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It needs to be updated for winterboard and it needs more icons, a lot of icons.
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WOW! Fantastic! Faved n submitted to

Hope it brings you some extra visitors! Cheers!
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