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Matte Nano theme for iPhone

By kediashubham
Matte Nano theme for iPhone
by Shubham Kedia and Pierre Breteau

An iPhone theme I made to complement the Matte UI that I had released earlier.

Contains icons, wallpaper, dock, and a template to make your own icons.

I only made the main homescreen icons and the icons in the, all other icons were made by Pierre (applefish). All credit goes to him.

Place in /Library/Themes and apply using WinterBoard. Enjoy!
© 2009 - 2021 kediashubham
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I love these nice icons!

PrdzimSmrdzim's avatar
I like your work. Can you send ke your contact? Thank you :)
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3q for your theme,I'm watching The London 2012 Olympics!
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I would love a twitter icon :))
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doesnt look right on my phone, my dock icons have a shadow around it, folder icons look really weird and my dock didn't change.. i used cydia to get it not by downloading it on here is that why?? also doesnt work when you turn on summerboard :(
Pimmas's avatar
your doing it wrong
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cheers :) helpful
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haha i'm sorry,
. you should download openssh in sydia and a sftp client on your mac (i use Cyberduck)
.google how to log into your iphone (using ssh/sftp)
.place the x.theme map into "/Library/Themes" (downloaded from here)
. open winterboard and you will find this theme on top

good luck
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i'm on iphone 3g | 4.2.1 and the theme are not applied to application like (calendar, clock, camera, images, ...). why? what can i do?
i'm on iphone 3g - os 4.2.1 and the theme will not applied to applications like calendar, clock, messages, phone, camera..
what can i do?
Yeahsus's avatar
Awesome theme, BUT (!): I got a black, transparent Border around the Icons in my Dock, how can i remove this border?
ChikenArt's avatar
i love the colors used man and never get tired of looking at the texture on the facebook icon its awesome!!
dixiecup101's avatar
The theme looks great, however the dock seems to be too far down or something. here is a screen shot:


If that doesn't work, try this link:



The icons are half off the screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated
CinderstarofIceTribe's avatar
How do I install this onto my iPhone? I have a 3G with 4.2.1
iGaret's avatar
Hello, could you please post your theme over at [link] in the "Themes" category? Thanks a ton!
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This is awesome except that when you go into a folder (grouped apps), the wallpaper changes to the default user wallpaper.

Any idea?
find the theme wallpaper save into your photos and set that as your wallpaper. If you have a different wallpaper set the folder will open to that wallpaper
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It's a pity I no longer use the iPhone.
could you tell me the base color for the green icons please.
there is a queastioning mark at the top of my screen when i have this theme applied, what am i doing wrong?
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