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Illuminous : An Agua Mod

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Illuminous iPhone Theme UPDATED

Guys, this is only an Agua mod that I made for myself and I am releasing this just for those who liked it in the Screenshot thread. Anyways, all credits go to Louie Mantia for the amazing Agua icons and all you fantastic artists who have created 500+ icons for this set.

This package now contains 216 icons, thanks to the requests by people over at the MacThemes2 forum. It also comes with 7 colored badges.


P.S. - Instructions for those who are new to this stuff.

Make a new folder in /var/mobile/Library/SummerBoard/Themes. Copy the Icons folder to there, and along with that, a wallpaper and dock of your choice named Wallpaper.png and Dock.png respectively.

To use the badge, rename whichever colored badge you want to use to SBBadgeBG.png and SSH it to /System/Library/CoreServices/

** The wallpaper used in the preview is from the MacGuru theme with the brightness slightly increased. It hasn't been included but you can download it from [link]

*** The dock in the preview wasn't made by me either and hasn't been included. However, you can find it here: [link]
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great theme! love your work! can't wait to see some more
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Great theme, only problem is i have too much choice with the wallpaper :D
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Hey great work! I was wondering if you would be kind enough to make icon overlay set for this theme that way newly installed apps would he automatically themed instead of have to need to make a new icon for each new app? Please and thank you :) again great work!
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Wow loving the theme great work keep it up :D
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Looks good! I'm kind of new at the theme do you choose which color of badge to use? I'm guessing you just rename one of them to something, but what?
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I love it. xoxo
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grea but have a cydia source?
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I can't believe I never commented on this... I used this for a long time between 1.1.4 and 2.2... (switching to 2.0 I used Soft which I didn't know was also by you at the time), and now I use Matte Nano. Thanks for making awesome themes!
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ornisProfessional Interface Designer
these icos are really great, mate. can you make a samsung omnia port? thanks.
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IanWoodsHobbyist Interface Designer
Absolutely my fav theme of all time and thanks for the PSD
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wow, these are simply amazing, great work!
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Essentially I spent the better part of my Gen 1 and 3G ownership tracking down a theme I could be happy with. I found it!

It's brilliant and I use the Template to Illuminate all four home screens.

Thank YOU!
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absolutely great!
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I got a problem with your theme.
Some icons don't work, like appstore for an example.
I'm using the last version of WinterBoard.
Could you please tell me why if you have an idea please?
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ZionxxxStudent Digital Artist
i love really pops...i just really wanna press the buttons :p
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It's a wonder! I like it! Really awsome! Thats now my iphone theme! :)
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this is an amazing theme, do you plan on releasing any more icons?
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i love this icons :clap:
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Thanks. This is a fav.
ahfunaki's avatar
one of my favorite themes by far...
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This is beautiful! Thanks!!
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kediashubhamHobbyist Interface Designer

This is the correct link. I'm sorry. I didn't know we didn't have to use the [url] tag for links.
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kediashubhamHobbyist Interface Designer
Guys I've released a Battery Replacement set to match the theme here:


Please do check it out. I'm sure you'll like it! :)
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