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ANBU vest tutorial

By kecsy
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The Anbu vest that i made is a bit different from the one that you can see in the manga/anime.

To be environment i used old newspaper for pattern making.  

I cut the patterns out from 2 fabric: the first is a light, white fabric and the other is a bit thicker. I didn’t want to use padding that’s why I used 2 fabrics.

Sew together the parts and iron out everything.

A question pops up after sewing everything together; how to turn it out? Answer: on the last section leave out a few centimeters; you get a ’hole’. reach inside and turn out the vest.

After turning it out sew up the hole with little stitches.

I tilted the straps a bit because this way they won't fall of but will lean on your shoulders. 

I used shoe hole maker for the corset part.

After making the holes it’s good to iron out everything.

arm armor tut

mask tut part 1part 2

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this is a great tutorial, but i was wondering if you could add how to measure out the fabric and how you got it your size? 
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hey! thanks !!!

about the measuring.... i just measured myself and then drafted the parts out. basically i used rectangles that i shaped based on my measures. i also used up several newspaper while doing this so i would recommend doing that if this is your first time sewing (you can use basically anything for test patterns.. i just like reusing newspapers). 

also... you can only measure how much fabric you'Ll need after you have your patterns. I don't really remember how much fabric exactly i used but im sure that not more than 1-1 m (i used two diff. white fabric) 
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thanks so much!!!
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nézem... valami furcsa... úristen, ez magyar! :D
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és... az baj? |"DDD vagy csak túlságosan meglepő <___>?
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túlságosan meglepő, dehogy baj :3
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hell yeahhh I fond it :D
I`m so happy because I looked so long for this tutorial!
this tutorial is so fantastic :D
you're really been a great help to me!
thanks a lot :)

lg lutz
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ahw *huggle* i'm happy that i could help you~

uhm~ if i can ask for this.. would you pls send me a pic when you finish your cosplay? |D
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kurava jóóóóóóóóóóó
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küffke~~~ x3
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YEY én is így csináltam csak nekem elöl van összefogva így :3
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Wooo baby imádlak! Nem hiszed el de pont ilyet kerestem!:tighthug:
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lol már kb...tavaly ősz óta fent van? XD
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nem OAO mert írtam OAO
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hehe that's look cool XD
i wish i could understand that =S
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on the weekend i think i'll have time so if it's ok with you i'll translate the whole thing (and the others too) and add it to the 'artit's comment'
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thank you very much~ ^^ =D
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