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I wasn't planning on posting this here (can you tell I've been trying very hard not to spam my DA gallery with every stupid homestuck doodle I draw? Well, I have) but this is starting to float around the internet so I wanted to make it easier to find on my own page. So yeah, officially stating for the record, I drew this!

I haven't picked a favorite alpha kid yet, I am leaning towards Jake, but I like Roxy! I think there is way more to her than just bein drunk alll the time though so I've intentionally avoided drawing her standing there with a martini.

I realized after I posted it that I think this might be my first crossover fanart thing like ever?? I was certainly not prepared for the response it got on tumblr. Crossovers are just not something that usually occurs to me to do, and when I do think "heh heh, those things sort of go together, that's clever" I usually find out pretty quickly that it's been done before. This time I just sort of hopped in and drew it before I realized how many other people had had the same idea!

on tumblr: [link] (please reblog instead of reposting, thank you!)
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i remember seeing this on tumblr and saying that the name was spelt wrong, then someone say that this was homestuck. then another person argued that "not everything is homestuck!!!" it was a little funny. but very good art, it's pretty i love it!