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September 17, 2012
kecky's magical brushes by ~Kecky
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kecky's magical brushes

Update: I fixed up this set a little, and it's now also available to download on Gumroad. It's pay-what-you-want, but if you like these brushes and use them often, I'd appreciate it if you'd consider donating a few dollars. Thanks to everyone who has helped make my brushes a hit!!!

I don't mind if you don't credit me in every single picture you post, although I appreciate a note in your profile or about page if you use them regularly. However, I do ask that you NOT repost these brushes anywhere else online. If you wish to share them, please share a direct link to this page, my Gumroad page, or my brushes page on tumblr. Thank you!

About these brushes:
Since 95% of my work starts out as a pencil sketch, I wanted brushes that I could use to clean up smudges, get rid of structure lines, and add details, without losing the organic, textured quality of the original. I still use photographic textures on most pieces to really pound in the papery look, but I use them a lot less nowadays, and I've shown the example images here with no texture so you can see more clearly what exactly the brushes can do.

Details and recommendations:
1. Pencil line (shown here with flow set to 60%) - my magnum opus thus far. I use this to clean up my sketches, and the size is perfect for images scanned at 400dpi. (at least if you sharpen your pencil every 10 seconds to draw tiny fussy lines like I do.)
2. Spongy brush (shown here with flow set to 60%) - a variation of #1, but softer and rougher. I use it for rough coloring and shading.
3. Cloud brush (shown here with flow set to 60%) - what the title says. I also like to use it as an eraser when I'm painting with harder brushes so the textures get mixed up and don't get too monotonous.
4. Scritchy line (shown here with flow set to 100%) - a harder line for details or more cartoony lineart. I also like to decrease the flow and/or opacity and use it for shading sometimes, for a cross-hatched or scribbly sort of look.
5. Texture... thing? (shown here with flow set to 100%) - I mostly use this for backgrounds. I'm still figuring out how to unlock its full potential.
6. Smooooth cloudy brush (shown here with flow set to 100%) A much smoother painting brush that still has just enough grit in it to make it interesting.

I have been told that these also work in GIMP, but not in Sai.

I've never shared a resource like this before, but I'm quite proud of these! It still feels a little like sending my babies out into the great wide world to seek their fortune, so please take good care of them, draw pretty things, and feel free to show me anything you have used them for!!! :blowkiss:
© 2012 - 2022 Kecky
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Thanks for sharing! <3

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Awesome THank you!

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thank you for sharing!~~ 
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Link doesn't work
They look great. Thank you for sharing ^^
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hey! the link is not working anymore
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Thanks a lot for sharing. I find these brushes really useful. :-)
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Can they be used in clip studio paint?
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Awesome set! Thank you! :)
thank you so much for it! we will take really good care of them! <3
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cheers fam, these are lit
Thank you! Those brushes are amazing!
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hi there, 
Thank you very much for sharing these brushes. In fact so for I have not found better brushes for what Iam trying to do.
Actually, I am not a digital artist, my art is limited to painting with my kids during weekends on the kitchen's table :-) 
I am very keen to create simplified illustrations for children's books and I have been looking for the perfect brushes to use with photoshop... despite the fact that I have tons of brushes I always keep going back to "Kecky's brushes" :-)

I can't promiss I will make good art but for sure thses brushes will be my tools to develop my digital drawing skills.

Thank you and farewell  
Thanks so much for sharing both your brushes and your process with them!
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