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decoupage bracelets

Look guys, I make other stuff too! I'm actually getting ready to set up a jewelry store on and these are the most interesting items I've gotten done so far.

These are wood-panel bracelets I bought in bulk at a discount store, and I've been sticking all kinds of stuff on them! Shown here are the American postage stamp, Chinese newspaper, pressed leaves, and retro magazine versions.

edit: these and a few other fun items are now for sale on in the jewelry store, with more stuff coming soon!!!

edit 2: the leaf bracelet has been sold. I'll be making some more when spring comes and I can get some more leaves to press!
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the-geekery's avatar
These are beautiful. I love bracelets like this. Love the prints used.
yzzy's avatar
gee, so nice. i love that one on the left. with stamps
White-Tean's avatar
wow, what a lovely creative idea ^_^
trueillusions's avatar
Ooh, these are awesome! I love collage type things. Do you have a link for ordering the plain wood bracelets in bulk?
Kecky's avatar
Thanks! But sorry, I just happened to find them at a wholesale jewelry place in town. :\
HermioneJaneGranger's avatar
These are amazing! I really really really like the retro magazine ad one! It's totally my style... Is it only $12?
Kecky's avatar
Yes, plus $3 s&h. Would you like to order it? :D
HermioneJaneGranger's avatar
Erm, I'd like to, but I need to babysit a bit more for some money! ;) Do you think it'll still be for sale in a while?
Kecky's avatar
Well, I posted these months ago, and I've only sold one so far, so I think it's safe to say it'll be available for a while. :D
HermioneJaneGranger's avatar
guava's avatar
these are a REALLY great idea! if i actually wore jewellery i'd buy one (not what you wanted to hear, i know :XD: but it's better than the 'i have no money' spiel) i just find jewellery gets in my way :\ i love to look at it, but hate it when it snags in my hair or clunks when i'm typing. im not really a girly-girl :(
Kecky's avatar
Thanks!! I know what you mean though. I'm always buying cool jewelry and then I never remember to wear it. :XD:
brytning's avatar
Ooh, these are awesome!
pinaypenciler's avatar
i heart decoupage. :aww:
jadedphotogoddess's avatar
OgdredRum's avatar
Those are so cute! Oh my goodness!
Astellus's avatar
I am SO buying some of those. ^_^ My friend leaves for Turkey for a year next wednesday and I always put together care packages to send her. She would FLIP over this stuff. (heck, so would I! Must buy for the both of us!)
Kecky's avatar
thanks! Wow, Turkey?! Is she studying abroad? that's something I massively want to do. :D
Astellus's avatar
Yeah, she did South Korea last year and now Turkey. I desparately want to go with her, I have the course, just havn't been able to afford the ticket out there, and I would love to buy a laptop first, so I wait and put it off. *sigh*
Kecky's avatar
Aw, I was in the first stages of applying to study abroad when I realized that I would be much happier if I just transferred to a new school altogether. But I'm still planning on studying abroad when I get to a new school... it's just a little farther off on the horizon. Don't give up!!! :D
Astellus's avatar
^_^ I'll keep that in mind. I keep thinking I find out about Teacher's College in Canada next month, and if that's a no go yet again, there's not much else keeping me here.
aunjuli's avatar
You keel me with your skills, Kecky. @_@ I'm so going to have to own one of those bracelets. :heart:
Kecky's avatar
thanks! Hopefully I'll have even more stuff up soon. :D
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