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Witch Week

I totally forgot that the reason I drew Nirupam in the first place was so that I could figure out what he looked like for this! This is my absolute favorite part of the book. I think. It's so hard to choose.

Sorry it's so teeny here - click 'Download' over to the left side to see the larger version!
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Love it!  Nirupam's pose as he frantically tries to hang onto the hoe is just right. 
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I really REALLY love this picture, but I have a feeling they were suppossed to have light blue gym shorts. :) it is awesome no matter what color the shorts are though! :D
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I think it's more of a color theme choice, like everything is on a brown filter, or shot though an old photograph.
explosive-toaster's avatar
SO cute, omg, this was my favorite part too, haha
BielinFarmland's avatar
Amazing job on this. Keep the DWJ coming!!! I lvoe it :)
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YESSS WITCH WEEK FANART. I loved that book, it's one of my favourites by DWJ :D You captured their characters really well!
Silver-KitsuneNeko's avatar
It is SO hard to find any of the Chrestomanci series fanart. Thanks for drawing this! Really appreciate it.
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Oh man, that's one of my fave scenes ever. :) I'd forgotten it.
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xD totally awesome.. I'm almost finished reading that book.. it's awesome <3
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this looks very professional. the character coloring and shading are both strong and the anatomy is very convincing. love it!!
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I love this bit it never fails to crack me up! I seriously love your interpretations of them all it's fascinating how they all look exactly how I imagined:)^_^ Great job!
Excellent. although I forget what happened, is that Brian in front?
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Incredible work on this :clap: very well done. Kind of reminds me of "Hocus Pocus", but besides a vacuum cleaner, he's riding a hoe :D
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witch week was first by a long shot! :)
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I love that scene. xD This is wonderful.
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This is EXCELLENT!!! I hope this means you are doing more fanart from this series? :D
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Well, I have been on a kick lately of drawing the characters from everything I read, but I don't think most of them are very worth uploading here. :XD:
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Awwww, is that so?? I'm sure they are wonderful...I would like to see them regardless! What have you been reading?
Kecky's avatar
just pretty much everything diana wynne jones has ever written, haha.
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this is really energetic and cute i love their poses! : DDD no idea who they are though
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