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Vanilla Cupcake

By Kecky
I love cupcakes!!!

I originally planned on a big icing hat and sprinkle jewelry, but I went with a less literal approach in the end. I would like for this to be the first in a series? We'll see!!!
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shoulderfriends's avatar
the frill of her skirt does look sweet.
Feybles's avatar
She looks like she's having a great time! :)
sarbearock's avatar
The texture is amazing! You're so talented!
deegee12324's avatar
omg love this ! Was this done traditional ? :wow:
Kecky's avatar
I drew the lineart with pencil, but the coloring is all digital. :)
deegee12324's avatar
wow, it looks like it could be traditional so i wasn't sure, lol :iconimhappyplz:
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bluecatqueen's avatar
I'm glad you took a less literal approach, it definitely reads "cupcake" without being over the top...err...sugary. I guess that pun was kind of intended.
loish's avatar
reminds me of these dolls i had when i was small that were cupcakes and you could turn them inside out and they'd be little dolls with skirts, sort of like this illustration. they also were scented. haha!
nice work!
Kecky's avatar
Oh I had those too!!! They smelled so gooood! And they were definitely on my mind when I was drawing this... one reason I stayed away from icing hats :)

NelmaThyria's avatar
Great design! I love her pose. You should definitely make a series of this.
Saniah's avatar
this is so sugary sweet and adorable. So lively and just... AAAH! it's just too cute! :heart:
veradora321's avatar
This is so lovely. I adore cupcakes (but here in germany you don't find really good ones in my opinion). She looks so happy and free of care... :love:
Please more cupcake-ladies !
Kecky's avatar
Oh no!!! That is very sad... I'm lucky enough to be in NYC, where cupcakes are just the hugest trend ever. They're so good!!!
veradora321's avatar
OH Yes, they are ! *yearning*
I need one now !!! :cake:
thing1thatiam's avatar
This is lovely! I'm interested to see what else you have in mind for a "series" like this. Great job! :D
coolfrogger728's avatar
She's so adorable.
Please make a series, anthromorphing is so entertaining.
leezul's avatar
Very charming. It makes me want a cupcake.
NovellineArt's avatar
beautiful illustration kk!
MoonDarter's avatar
1. Love that face! :heart:

2. Her left foot, though, is at a weird angle. But I'm willing to overlook that. (See #1)
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