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When choosing a new pet, it is MOST imperative that you select a breed that will NOT clash with your ensemble.

Sharpie came out with some new colors. One of them is called Flamingo. This is what happened. why don't I have an endorsement deal yet?
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CMoretzfan19's avatar
Adorable. Makes me think of 101 Dalmatians<3
HappyGoLuckyArt's avatar
Goodness gracious, that is amazing~ 
AshleyWass's avatar
This is crazy insane. My friend loves LOVES pink flamingos. I was going to make a card for her with the front illustrated well pretty well exactly like this. I wanted to draw her walking a flamingo. She even has short blonde hair like this. I was searching for a flamingo picture and found basically the exact idea I had in mind. This i amazing. Great work, thanks for making it.
My-Anne's avatar
that's so original.. :D
LittleChefHolly's avatar
Love it!!
reminds me of 101 Dalmatians (Disney) when Pongo looks for the perfect mate for him and Roger, and along comes matching dogs to their part!!! :D
You can start a multi-animal matching owner-to-pet collection XD
darth-jurious's avatar
Cool on so many levels! Absolutely adore it - inventive, original and funny. :)
CyborgJanEyre's avatar
Your drawing is a cool interpretation of pet owners resembling there pets. I love flamingos!
JustBean's avatar
this is hilarious, i love it!
kerfuffly's avatar
Amazing!!! I can't believe you did it in sharpie! And i love Flamingos:D
RavesCardellini's avatar
I freaking love this! haha.
Mirrei's avatar
Flamingo seems to be a little redder than flamingos... But I LOVE the pciture!
Orfim's avatar
every fashionable lady should match her dress with a matching fashionable flamingo.
FlockofFlamingos's avatar
I wish -I- could have a pet flaming. T^T They're my favorite animal.
bluehentrooper's avatar
Oh wow--that's just awesomely awesome!
Little-black-dress's avatar
Absolutely adorable! I could see you doing an entire collection in this style. These would be adorable little greeting cards or wall prints!
HeatherHitchman's avatar
now i need a pet flamingo!
Kyo-is-my-LoVeR01's avatar
Woah, that is quite the color! very cute!
DisneyGirl52's avatar
So creative!! I totally love this, It's just so much fun to look at! (:
NelmaThyria's avatar
It is indeed crucial that pet and owner match. Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue if they didn't?
Prince-Pierrot's avatar
heheh... "101 Dalmatians Syndrome"...
MarioGraciotti's avatar
oh, you and your awesomeness
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