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I recently bought The Tough Guide to Fantasyland and read it for the first time, and then of course I had to reread Dark Lord of Derkholm right away (It's based on/inspired by the Tough Guide, in case you didn't know!). And there's that part in the beginning where Derk is fondly remembering baby Shona and kitten-sized Kit "rolling around together on the living room rug" or something and I just went buhhhhh and put down the book and drew this.

I forget how much I love this family! They are so close despite the fact that they have siblings of an entirely different species! Also, I have never drawn a griffin before, let alone a baby one, and I am probably going to have to do some bird research and then draw a lot more, because they are fun.

On tumblr: [link] (please reblog instead of reposting, thank you!)
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Thats so lovely!

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This is perfect ! Thank you for this ! Not enough Derkholm fanart out there. This book deserves so much more love !
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This! This is so ADORABLE! :love: Kit looks so fluffy and huggable~
This is the best thing I've seen in a long time. Thanks.
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Absolutely adorable. I love that book and I've read it more times than I can count. I love the image of them rolling around, playing and I think you captured it perfectly.
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This is absolutely perfect! The adorableness... I never imagined Kit as so cute! But, after all, Kit and Blade are "basically twins". Yes... I love this too much!
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This is just so perfect and adorable ;__; I'm glad to know people are still remember and appreciate this lovely book.
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I love this book!!! I love your illustration!!! :happybounce:
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Just finished reading this book, and the baby Shona and Kit are melt worthy. I didn't realize the book was based on Tough Guide! I'll have to look for that.
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Absolutely cute! love it so much =D
right to my favorite this shall go ;P
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oh god you are like one of my favorite deviants at least partially because of the attention you give to diana wynne jones just
wow ok this book was one of my favorites an just looking at this picture gives me warm fuzzies~
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this is probably one of my favorite books of hers, along with "The Merlin Conspiracy"...and yes, that is such great scene and you did it justice in your drawing!
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I've never heard about this either, but it looks really interesting. I may just really enjoy seeing adorable small children displaying innocent affection though. Hmm.
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Aww. I loved that book, wow - definitely have to reread it now! Lovely picture, very cute! :heart:
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It's adorable! :D
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awww so cute!
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CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE DLoD's not among my favorites of Diana's books, but there are a lot of fun characters in it. This picture's super adorable. <3
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I'd say it's one of my 3rd-level favorites! Which still means I like it an awful lot, haha. But yeah, the characters are the best part!!!
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Hahaha, I just realized Shona's pulling on a chuck of Kit's... flesh? What is it called on a griffin? Ah well, like a cat. I love the way they're squishing all over each other.
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Umm, fat rolls? that's what I'd call it, anyway, haha. I was just thinking about how babies do that because they don't have any concept of gentleness yet, and usually it ends up with one of them crying, but I guess griffins are tougher!
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and by chuck I mean chunk; is there no way to delete one's own comments? =(
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