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Elephant vs. Dragon

In medieval times it was thought that elephants and dragons were mortal enemies.
The elephant here is based on some medieval drawings of elephants. Since artists usually only had descriptions of these animals, many would end up looking pretty different from the real ones, e.g.…
Slon protiv zmaja
U srednjem vijeku smatralo se da su slonovi i zmajevi smrtni neprijatelji.
Ovaj slon se temelji na nekim srednjovjekovnim crtežima. Kako su umjetnici uglavnom imali samo opise ovih životinja, često bi znale ispasti poprilično drugačije od pravih slonova, npr.…
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Awesome! Bestiary Battle Royal!
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The colors on this are freaking awesome, and the composition. So imaginative. <3 I could totally see this hanging up on my wall as a poster. Great work Keaze!
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Thank you! I was worried that I'd mess up the composition but I ended up with a nice 8 shape. Elongated flailing bits make it easier to lead the eye in a certain direction around the picture.
For colours, especially the sky, I was inspired by some old Dutch paintings.
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Awesome painting!
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Ajme. Koja borba. Sa takvim tonom i teksturom, izgleda vrlo epski.
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Hvala! Epsko je najbolje.
Pliny says the dragon had to drink the elephant's ice-cold blood ( don't ask ) in order to calm the fire raging within him
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At first I thought this elephant was the result of you taking artistic license with an elephant. Then I saw your comment about artists in the Middle Ages drawing these creatures based solely on descriptions. That's a really mind blowing detail. I wonder if that 500 year old illustration of an elephant compared to a real elephant is what our illustrations of dinosaurs must look like compared to real flesh and blood dinos before they went extinct.
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Elephants are such bizarre animals. They must've been so hard to imagine, you can see the artists tried to compare them to something familiar like boars (because tusks) or give them horse manes (because riding?). Some artists couldn't wrap their heads around how the trunk is supposed to work so they'd give them weird elongated muzzles, making them kinda like ambelodon…
And some others were...whaaa?………

Our dinosaurs already totally changed. Look at one of the first interpretations of a megalosaurus:… it looks nothing like a dinosaur.
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This has got to be the coolest answer I've ever gotten from anyone on DA. XD
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