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Pokemon: Satoshi and Gou


They want me to do it!!! I know!!! Why else would they add the blush when they talk together!!! 

I can´t go against the blush ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

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Man, this would trigger so many adults even though this is a kid's show.

Tortwag's avatar

But DID YOU find any good ones is the question? XD

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me : ... I think they are more then freinds in gohs mind dat boi he gay

pokemon : ...

me : nodding * yeah you shouldent have told me his only freinds were boys all his life

nintendo : removes my progress on my pokemon game for saying this *

me : nooooooooooooooooo jooohhhnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mcampogonzalez's avatar
Hahahahaha, oh God 🤦🏼‍♂️😂
Wait a moment, ¿tú hablas español?
keary's avatar

me has descubierto!!

los subtitulos me delataron :XD:

mcampogonzalez's avatar

Jajajaja! Sí, así es! xD

I know there are already comments saying this, but this is wayyyyy too accurate, like holy crap

bokunobiss's avatar

Why tf is this so accurate

mikan3551's avatar

accurate, yes, indeed

shadowlancelot's avatar

Everytime when Ash is with a pokegirl (Misty, May, Dawn, Iris, Serena or Lana) another character ask "are you a couple?","is your boyfriend?","are you Ash's girlfriend?" or "are you dating?". Now with Gou is the FANDOM who ask the same things.

DeviantPenguin40's avatar

oh god not the fanfics

its better than undertale's fandom... that side of the fandom

KannaAsa's avatar

Ya think thats why Ash doesnt "get it" when girls flirt with him?

clio-mokona's avatar

The fujoshi curse... (lovely fanart. so cute.)

Haruka-Tavares's avatar

This is an accurate representation of me as a weekly spectator of the Japanese show. Except that I completely converted myself into JourneyShipping at episode 16. Something did click in my brain!!

ElizaVDraws's avatar

.... sabía que ibas a caer... porque yo caí desde ese abrazo xDDDD ellos son mi gusto culposo de esta temporada... definitivamente in of this ship. Bienvenida a los Firstfriendshippers/Researchshippers/Gouacheshippers/Fateencountershipper team (si, tienen como 9 nombres de ship pero nadie se decide por uno xD el más común es Firstfriendshipping)

keary's avatar

Oh por Dios a que me he metido!! :XD: Bueno no me arrepiento de nada, son adorables :dummy: son mi ship inocente, como una brisa de aire fresco ante tanto NSFW que hago :XD:

ElizaVDraws's avatar

cierto, son un par de amores, y se va poniendo mejor lol

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There so many ships for Satoshi. Have fun reading XD
keary's avatar

I spent a lot of time on there, like wooow

SolomonBunny's avatar
Same. I am guilty of this as well, would love to see you do art of these two~
keary's avatar

I'd love to do more too!! :dummy:

SolomonBunny's avatar
I would love to see it!
kopeter14's avatar
I'm surprised you didn't draw fan art of these two sooner considering it's you lmfao. Sad it's on hiatus though :<
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