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So yes, you may have noticed a new chapter of something DIFFERENT posted very recently. (Although not THAT different in terms of it has some of my typical themes in it. Hmm. ¬_¬)

For a refresher, the story so far is available on a little Dreamwidth Community I set up to have somewhere to post it; start here at Chapter One. (Chapter Six is on here as well.)

A new chapter of Remember Me is on the way and hopefully will be ready to go in the next couple of weeks!

I know, I'm not really about online a lot at the moment -- I think I'm mostly worn out from work? But for vague interest's sake I thought I might just give a flavour of what I surround myself with, musically, when I'm busy. I've posted that on my blog, because I feel the new DevArt interface isn't ideal for written art, these days.

I've tended to stop posting spoilers apart from to people I 100% trust because there's nothing worse than having (what you think is a) good idea and having someone snipe you to using it (and not even give you any credit for it, augh). BUT! A little musical interlude wouldn't hurt I guess? These are some of the pieces I enjoy listening to while I'm writing - although often I'm accompanied by whatever random ASMR video YouTube queues up for me.*

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