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Ammut, Great of Death - final

By keaalu
...otherwise known as, AT BLOOMING LAST *dies*

Seriously, this thing is only a teenytiny bit larger than my scanner, but it took me a full five hours to mat all the bits together in a halfway seamless way. Teach me to go and draw bigger than fits on my scanner. Keaalu = heap big stupidhead.

If you've never tried painting on papyrus, you should. It's a great learning experience. You think your paper cockles? Papyrus is in a whole other LEAGUE of cockleness.

Anyway! Ta-da.


Edit: Yes, the hieroglyphics around the outside DO actually mean something; they're a part of the "Declaration of Innocence / Negative Confession" from the so-called "Book of Going Forth by Day" (aka "Book of the Dead"), and read thus (from top left to bottom right):

"Hail, Long of Strides, who comest forth from Anu, I have not committed sin.
Hail, Eater of Shades, who comest forth from Qernet, I have not slain men and women.
Hail, Stinking Face (?I think), who comest forth from Restau, I have not stolen grain.
Hail, He whose face is behind him, who comest forth from they cavern, I have made none to weep.
Hail, Fiery-foot, who comest forth from the night, I have not attacked any man.
Hail, Sertiu, who comest forth from Anu, I have not been angry without just cause.
Hail, Her-uru, who comest forth from nehatu, I have terrorised none.
Hail, Orderer of Speech, who comest forth from Urit, I have not been wroth.
Hail, Nekhenu, who comest forth from Heqat, I have not shut my ears to the words of truth.
Hail, Bringer of his offering, who comest forth from Sais, I am not a man of violence.
Hail, Lord of Faces, who comest forth from Netchfet, I have not acted with undue haste.
Hail, Lord of Horns, who comest forth from Sauti-
(although then I ran out of room. :P, so I forget what we were telling Lord of Horns we hadn't done)

The cartouche at the bottom just says "Abigail Scott 2006", and the larger hieroglyphs under the lotuses in the top right read "AMMUT". So hurrah!
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FatCaiman's avatar
She looks beautiful! This is the best portrayal I've seen of her, IMO. She looks wise, thoughtful, and caring: quite the opposite of how she's usually portrayed, but I love it nonetheless.
SaveTheCRT's avatar
Well, I saw the giraffe, and thought her shoulders were like giraffe-skin...
keaalu's avatar
Ohhh, I see what you mean. For some reason the Egyptians often gave lions spots, I was just keeping with the theme. XD
SaveTheCRT's avatar
I like this one, it is very different than all the other pictures of ammut, but I don't think a giraffe is part of her...
keaalu's avatar
Thanks, but you confused me about the giraffe. O_o (Unless you meant what she's sitting on, which is a chair moulded into the shape of a cow.)
HI there :) I wanted to see if it would be ok to put this on a t-shirt? I'm making a Ammut tee and this would be just perfect for it! Let me know if it's ok. Thanks!
Nemo111's avatar
I haven't seen alot of art for Ammut. I like this picture, it deviates a bit from her traditional portrayal in the Book of the Dead. =D
keaalu's avatar
That was my thought, too.

I guess you can't be on-duty ALL the time... ;)
Naterifari's avatar
She's amazing!! I love how she is depicted as reclining, instead of on duty.
keaalu's avatar
Naterifari's avatar
flyingfox17's avatar
I thought it was done before. *shrugs* I'm still impressed, I'd still like a print, and I still like the angry hippo on the side. And the goat-head armrest.
keaalu's avatar
Not quite. ;) I had to finish off the lotuses (which were supposed to go on TOP of the picture) and rework the outline a bit. (Speaking of which, I need to remove the "semi-finished" version from my gallery.)

And it's a COW arm-rest *le gr, flail*. But thanks. ;)
flyingfox17's avatar
So if it's a cow, why does it have horns? And no, don't say it's a bull cow, then it'd have a larger head... I think...
keaalu's avatar
...? Horns aren't a bull thing - I know from that "Barnyard" movie/abomination in the cinemas at the moment the gender line may be blurry as-is (Bulls with udders? What in hell?), buuut... ;) There's breeds where both have horns, and breeds where neither do - and Egyptian cattle were one of those ones where the females had them.

Okay, granted, the horns could stand to have been bendier, but then the spots could have been blotchier too. Given that the creature sitting ON the chair with the cow ends was the actual focus of the piece, I didn't pay THAT much attention to it. ;)
AlienGuardian's avatar
Awesome! Great colors on her (is that right?)!
keaalu's avatar
Yes, she's a she. ;) And thanks. :) I was a bit worried the colours had got "muddied" - I need to be a lot more daring with my shadows. :(
BobTodd's avatar
That's a neato what now right!
keaalu's avatar
I say, jolly good of you to say so, old chum, what what!
AlectorFencer's avatar
Wheee! Colours! This is more stunning now, of course. How long did it take?
I would like to see it in original, though. ;)
keaalu's avatar
It probably took... well, about 12-14 hours, or so, but spread over a lot of days. The border took about 5 hours of that, and of course researching the text around the outside took for-freaking-EVER.

Reminds me, I need to put the translation in, because the border DOES say something.
AlectorFencer's avatar
Oh, this is getting interesting now. You need to tell me what it says. I just can repeat that this is a great work and that it was worth working every minute on it
keaalu's avatar
Thanks. :)

And as for what it says... scroll up. ;)
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