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good afternon. How can i solve this problem? the icons are in blank

Sin ttulo1
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Hi. This theme doesn't support 1903+ builds. You may try Periwinkle
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i didn't know i was mentioned in the 'credit and inspiration!' anw i still fw this awesome setup :deviantart:

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please update for 1903. this is the best
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Thanks, I am currently working on the update. I hope to share it soon.

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That would be sweeeet
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Ca you update your themes for 1903?
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I am still on 1809. I ran out of space and had to delete the 1903 VM. Gonna set it up again, test and update the themes.

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You're a well oiled machine, Drew! Only issue I'm facing is that the purple background isn't working on the navigation pane in Explorer. Good job pumping this stuff out though! Impressive!

EDIT: aha, I figured it out. Set your theme to Light instead of Dark in settings.
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Thanks for the kind words mate!
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Very nice and tnx for sharing everything.
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Thanks, my pleasure.
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Is there a version without the extra on top and below ?
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Added it, see description.
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very freshh and also looks very functional! 
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Nice one congrats
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Great job mate !!!!

I am wondering, how do you guys make the themes....
Can you make a tutorial series or point me in the right direction ?
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Thanks mate!

Check out vistastylebuilder
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