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Windows 10 theme for versions: 1703, 1709, 1803, 1809, 1903, 1909 & 2004

(Thanks for your awesome shellstyle!)


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May I ask how to remove the theming of other 3rd Party programs like LibreOffice and Microsoft Office? Any help would be appreciated!!!


consider switching to drive sheets, documents and slides, i won't bother with removing the theme off of those

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how can i remove the icons

Thank you so much for your efforts

how did you remove icon by star???

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Thanks. This was easy on Windows 10 versions 1809 and lower as you can use a blank icon with customizergod to blank out icons. Sadly customizergod doesn't support versions 1903+. For the taskbar though you can set the taskbar to use small icons and use:


Some icons may persist though.

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Anytime. Yes you can. Alt + Shift + P

Also you can drag the edge of navigation pane and align it with the edge of the top blue part.

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Hi! Installing this theme now, just wondering the difference between Normal Taskbar and SIB Taskbar. Is the one shown in the screenshot SIB or Normal? Thanks!

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SIB Taskbar uses taskbar. SIB in the screenshot.

can u pls explain how to get the date and time area the same as shown here? i'm a lot confused after visiting t clock and downloading it

but where did u get these options?! i can't seem to find a proper exe. i double click on clock.exe and my taskbar's MISSING now :( it's not coming at all. i'll have to restart my pc , ig

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The clock icon should be enabled on the taskbar. Here is a basic video showing how to run it.

Remember to set it to start with Windows in T-Clock Options.

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What's the font in that video? I love it!

Also how did you get the rounded corners on the windows?

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Is there a way to get the round corners hack on Nemo? Also, I was thinking of changing the colors of the nemo theme in the .msstyles file. Would you recommend any particular program to edit it?

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Yes. You can use stadock curtains or edit the msstyles. The process may be complicated though. See this server for resources you may need:

thanks a lot! i downloaded the zip version this time instead of 7z, and this time it included a clock64.exe. thanks a lot for ur help!!

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Glad you got it working.

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