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August 18, 2018
Matte by Kiwus1drew
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A Windows 10 Theme inspired by Dragoon X and Harbor UI
Supported versions: 1703, 1709, 1803, 1809, 1903, 1909, 2004 and 2009(20h2).
Instructions and links to resources are included in the download.

The icon pack for Windows 10 versions 1903 and higher is included in the download.
  • Changed taskbar and clock text color to white.
  • Fixed hover over mdi window caption glyphs.
  • Fixed folder icon position in small icon view. This may not be an issue depending on the DPI settings used.
Thanks a lot, devillnside for the tremendous help!

If you like the theme you may support me by buying it here:


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thanks for this cool & stylish design

How to apply the this them ?

It seems that the theme download link is invalid, I only downloaded the icon, please help

Absolutely love this theme. Although there are some issues with win11 if anyone is wondering. I'm not sure if it's the theme or ultrauxthemepatcher, but basically, for me, some windows/programs do not properly close upon closing. The window will stay open indefinitely, and always be the front window. The workaround is to open the program back up, minimize it, then close with right click on taskbar. Some windows that this occasionally happens on is an installation window, and that workaround obviously doesn't work so well. In this case, logging out and back in clears up the screen. Also, some Windows apps, like Settings for example, do not open properly. They will open only in taskbar, and you need to click it two or three times for the app to show. I did not have these issues with this theme on win10, and I know it has something to do with the theme or patcher because when going back to a default theme the issues are gone. I'm hoping we will see win11 support someday, or a new theme I can love equally with support. Love your work KDr3w!

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Waiting for 21h1 ver, hope it will be available

looks dope, will this work for windows 11 as well?

How can I buy this skin. Works on winamp?

I'll comment after installing it.

Hello KDr3w. I have a problem where a bunch of programs in start menu would open up automatically by themselve whenever I switch between themes. This doesn't seem to happen when I switch to Windows default theme. I tried changing Windows theme sounds in Sound Settings and the same problem also happened. Is it normal?

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Is this visual style compatible with Windows 11 and if not, do you have plans to create a Windows 11 port? It's honestly the best visual style I've ever used.

yes it is I just installed it on W11

Screenshot 2021-10-06 110507
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thanks dude great work

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Brooo Is so perfect! Thanks so much for share!

Desafortunadamente, no funciona bien con Excel en modo oscuro

Thanks for ur great work. Love it :D

how do i dowload for 20h1?

for any question on the light version, I wanna know you that KDrew doesn't cancelled the light version but transformed it in another his theme, the name is Porcelain

Hey I don't understand what is going on, but my search bar in apps has disappeared and I'm not sure why. There is no address bar in file explorer or search bar in other apps like the control panel

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heyy there is problems using a 4k screen? im using 20H2

some cursor for this theme that anyone recommend?

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