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A Windows 10 Theme.

Supported versions: 1703, 1709, 1803, 1809*, 1903*,1909* & *2004
*Dark Mode Supported
Install instructions included in download.


- Added new variant
- Fixed task manager background color
- Darkened font

- Fixed caption text color
- Added default system tray arrow
- Added other variants.

Icons: ARC icons


If you like the theme you may support me by buying it here:


Thanks, enjoy!

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Love your theme, thx

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I'm really digging the start button icon. What did you use? Nice job Andrew

Stay safe.

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Thanks. I am using startisback to change the start button. If IRC open shell can do the same. The start buttons are included in the download.

Thanks, stay safe.

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Great job bro!!!!

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Hi. I love your work. But can you help me to fix an error?

I can't read the menubar in Thunderbird or Waterfox for example.



and Thunderbird if I mouseover menu bar:


How can I see always the menubar? Is this a setting within windows?

Thanks for your great work :nod:

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It took a while but I finally got to fixing the error.

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Thanks, really great :D

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Thank you! Thanks for informing me of the bug, let me look into it.

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file property dialog box is stil in white...How to change it into dark mode..

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Dark mode only changes file explorer at the moment.
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hello bro, how to remove CD drive from explorer???
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I don't have a cd drive on the pc. You can try hide drives in winaero.
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if you're not using it ever, just disconnect the sata or ide cable for it in your pc

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Thanks mate!
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Sweet one mate! Love the minimalist look... Well done! Keep up the good work ;)
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Thank you mate! :)
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