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Gray Dark


A Windows 10 Theme

Supported versions: 1703, 1709, 1803, 1809, 1903, 1909, 2004 & 2009 (20H2)
Instructions included in the download.



  • Theme is now applied on child windows.
  • Added round corner variants (Shadows should be enabled).
  • Changed blue progress bar to green for the blue theme variants.

    Fixed language text color on the taskbar.


    Somehow I uploaded without adding theme files for the msstyles. I've added the them.

  • Fixed status pane color to match the theme

  • Added Dark Mode Variants
  • Increased saturation of progress bars
  • Increased text brightness
  • Added other theme variants.
  • Increased font brightness in some areas.
  • Added default system arrow
  • Fixed other minor bugs.
  • Added a version with blue progress bars and one that supports MS office colors.
  • Fixed some glyphs.
  • Fixed unreadable text on taskbar item preview window

Dark themes are not properly supported on Windows and as such there are inconsistencies in their application.


If you like the theme you may support me by buying it here:

Thanks, enjoy! :)
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Great to inform you guys that it also runs perfectly fine on Windows 11 but unfortunately the animations aren't working while resizing windows

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Hello kdr3w. Super awesome app. I would like to know how did you achieve the red progress bars? Please, any insight would be helpful.

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I have this theme and it works on the 11th!:love:

2021-07-12 212046

This is a great theme KDr3w. Do you know how to make text colors less bright or if there is a variant that does this?

Hey, been using this theme since it came out! I have to ask, though, why you decided to replace the old slim scrollbars with the new fat ones? I was using the old version until my PC auto-updated to 20H2 (Sadge) and now the scrollbars are much bigger

Hi I'm loving the theme but is it possible to remove this little white/gray bar separating them or is it possible to make it look nicer

explorer iCUz4ur9G6
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why does some parts of programs turn white (not dark) when i sleep my PC? after i wake the PC back again, some parts of programs turn white (like 7zip, notepad, etc.). not using the dark mode version.

theme with Firefox and Chrome? when!!

This is timeless, thank you forever.

this cool like my mums mac n cheese

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Obrigada por compartilhar, tema muito lindo :love:

Hello. Love the theme.

Is it possible to apply the grey dark round theme to everything except Excel?. The theming messes with using VBA. I know there's the Office version but that changes other apps as well.


Honestly the best theme I have used so far, but one problem. Can you change the titlebar buttons to the ones from Mac OS (Maximize, minimize, close). It would fit the theme perfectly. Unfortunately I don't know how to edit themes so such little tweaks are impossible to me.

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Thanks. If you use the stardock curtains there is probably a theme with those buttons. I think niivu or dpcdpc11 has one. Anyway what variant of the theme are you using and what are your DPI settings? I could give it a shot.

I am using the Dark Gray 3 one. My DPI level is 100% (96 DPI). Thx for trying it out.

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Dude, thank you very much. It is perfect for my taste. Thank you

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I wonder if there's a way of tweaking individual apps. Perhaps even exempting (however counterintuitive it may sound) them from the dark mode? The think is, I've an app (memoQ) whose interface refuses to play nice with this theme, making it unusable.

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Some apps have theming provisions and you can tweak them to match the Windows theme. You may try using a variant of the theme that has both light and dark modes for example, 'Gray Dark 1 - DM'. A tool that could exempt an app from using the theme would surely be helpful.

This looks absolutely amazing. Got two questions.

  • I've heard that these themes doesn't work on pro versions of Windows. Is that the case?

  • Will this change any of my system default icons & layouts (such as taskbar size/location)?


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  • It is not the case.

  • Not it won't.

Thank you tons. 🙏🏼

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