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Simple icons for Windows 10.
The download includes both 7tsp and ipack icon packs. 7tsp is for Windows 10 versions 1903 and higher while the ipack is for Windows 10 versions 1809 and lower. Please use the version matching your system otherwise you'll brick it.

7tsp now automatically changes the quick access icon.

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Hey can u tell me how to remove this icon pack plz

Could someone edit something ? By simply replacing the blue folder and system acces folder color by this one 101, 153, 107 ? I don't know how to do it so please could someone reply at


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It is possible to make it work on Windows 10 versions 20h2?

hello I have win 10 v20h2 and two different discs only install a part of the icons. which one do I have to use?

Will this work on 1909? Do I need another application to install? if so, how again do I change from ee to exe?


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This is the only icon pack that works perfectly with 7tsp. The live folder icons are perfect and the theme looks "pristine".

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The version of my windows is 2004, what should I do?

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Use the 7tsp version.

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Hello my friend, nices icons, just one question... in case I want to go back to the original setting in windows what shoud I do... thanks

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Hello. Thanks, if you installed using 7tsp. Run 7TSP GUI, click restore and click Ok on the Restore Menu.

Once uninstalled, reboot. If you installed using the ipack simply uninstall like you would any other program.

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Well... I not enjoy this icon...because the icon just a i cant make dock

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Hey, question, will this work on version 20h2?

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Hey, yes it will.

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